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TMCNet:  Making The World A Better Place, One Great Idea at a Time: Campus Party Launches Inaugural Asian Edition

[July 03, 2018]

Making The World A Better Place, One Great Idea at a Time: Campus Party Launches Inaugural Asian Edition

  • World-renowned technology experience event sets to debut in Singapore, with more than 80 community partners, 200 presenters and 2,000 expected participants
  • Global advocates ("Campuseros") poised to re-imagine the future through technology, creativity and innovation, Asia-style

SINGAPORE, July 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Campus Party will make its Asian debut in Singapore from 6 to 8 July 2018 at Singapore EXPO Hall 7. Founded in 1997, this rockstar of events, a festival with a difference has since evolved over the past two decades, from a gaming and demo scene event in Spain into a global technology phenomenon.

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Globally renowned as the world's most collaborative technology experience event, Campus Party is a community-driven, innovation-focused festival for technology enthusiasts from extremely diverse backgrounds to learn, collaborate and co-create new ideas. Campus Party is currently held across 12 countries around the world, with the inaugural Singapore edition organised by SingEx Exhibitions with strong support from TEDxSingapore.

It is an opportune time for Singapore to assume the mantle as Campus Party's first Asian host city, as the city state leads the way in championing the science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) disciplines, as well as the country's strong commitment in developing an innovative-led economy.


Campus Party Singapore brings together Asia's most diverse group of talents in a festival of innovation, creativity, science, entrepreneurship, arts and entertainment seeking unique solutions through cross-community collaboration. The festival mantra is "everyone can be an innovator, an inventor or change-maker."

Breaking down barriers through the convergence of talent, the event connects participants from all walks of life with vastly different backgrounds, through a common passion in technology, to collaborate and solve problems. Celebrating human ingenuity and inventiveness, the collaborative nature of Campus Party encourages openness in exploring cross-pollination of ideas from different disciplines, inspiring participants to solve problems in new and unexpected ways.

Through participants' exposure to thought-provoking dialogue with global advocates (Campuseros) and the sharing of disruptive and divisive content, the igniting of emotive reactions generates passion to foster serendipitous moments. This uniquely collaborative, community-driven approach seeks to enable participating Campuseros to take part in projects they never imagined they would try, experiment with fresh ideas and form new partnerships that they never had the courage to begin.

"While formal schooling provides the building blocks for further learning, we need to expand our horizons and look beyond our own field or course of study. It's also important to share knowledge openly with others who are from different backgrounds. Because in Campus Party, we believe that every individual has something valuable to teach others," highlighted Mr. Daniel Chng, Project Director of the first edition of Campus Party Singapore.


Campus Party Singapore adopts a broad focus in content design, covering domains in technology, innovation and electronic entertainment, with an emphasis on six distinct areas -- Robotics & Drones, Virtual & Augmented Reality (VR/AR), Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Autonomous Vehicles, and Internet of Things (IoT).

The Campusero journey encompasses a Discovery phase, a Development phase (where individual attributes and talent areas will grow through cross-pollination of ideas) and a Do phase (where hands-on experiences will accelerate the learning process), manifested in the festival through three dedicated zones:

  • Campus Party Arena, an innovation incubator zone to foster maximum creativity through conferences, workshops and non-stop challenges across more than 50 hours over 3 days, designed to empower, challenge and learn;
  • Campus Party Village, a uniquely designed physical camp site to rest, re-charge and build upon informal collaborative opportunities through eating, learning and sleeping with participants from all walks of life; and
  • Campus Party Experience, where inspirational performances, innovative showcases and organically-presented displays & exhibits allows participants to see and touch the future. This area will inspire the curious, co-create possibilities and motivate participants to get involved in new projects.

Mr. Aloysius Arlando, Chief Executive Officer of SingEx Holdings Pte Ltd, said, "SingEx is honoured and excited to be organising Asia's first edition of Campus Party. The Festival has been specifically curated to cater to the unique traits of Asia's technology enthusiasts, while sharpening the focus on trending topics that are most relevant to Asia Pacific participants, such as the renaissance of art and science, the future of media, the authenticity of news, and the latest in digital disruption."

Mr. Dave Lim, Founder of TEDxSingapore and Curator of Campus Party Singapore, added, "We are all living in an era of tremendous potential to learn and create across different fields and technologies. At Campus Party, you'll have unprecedented opportunities to connect, converse and also collaborate with an incredible diversity of thinkers and doers from across Asia-Pacific and beyond."

The festival presents more than 300 hours of cutting edge, cross-disciplinary content and features 200 presenters, including global talents such as Gabe Gabrielle, NASA engineer and motivational speaker; Jesko von den Steinen, actor, performer and solo artist for Cirque du Soleil; Bill Reith, biomedical engineer famous for his research on using neuroscience to control the behaviour of roaches; Ola and Anna Rosling, co-authors of "Factfulness: Ten Reasons We're Wrong About the World -- and Why" (a book Bill Gates described as "one of the most important" he has ever read); and local ambassadors such as Inch Chua, Singaporean singer-songwriter and founder and CEO of Invaion Singapore as well as Iris Koh, an accomplished pianist, music director, choral conductor, vocal coach and composer who is now using the blockchain technology to run a platform which encourages creative collaboration.

With more than 80 community partners and 200 presenters, Campus Party expects to welcome 2,000 participants during the event. Mr. Paco Ragageles, Founder of Campus Party, said "It is exciting to contemplate how the first Campus Party in Asia is going to take place. I am convinced that creative and creators from the entire region will find in Campus Party Singapore a fantastic atmosphere to accelerate their ideas and innovation projects."

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About Campus Party

Campus Party is the largest international festival on technology, innovation, and creativity in the world. It is also a movement that brings together thousands of businesses, visionaries, communities, higher education academics, and cutting-edge institutions as a global community.

Campus Party has held a total of 68 editions in 12 countries (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, Mexico, United Kingdom) and hold the Guinness World Record for the largest hackathon in social development. It also has thousands of partners and a community of more than 570,000 participants known as "Campuseros" who have attended the event.

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About SingEx Exhibitions

SingEx Exhibitions is a subsidiary of SingEx Holdings, which is wholly owned by Temasek Holdings, Singapore's investment company. SingEx Exhibitions harnesses insights and its strategic networks to organise and manage a series of trade exhibitions and conferences in various industries, including automotive, education, environment, e-commerce and logistics, technology, healthcare and lifestyle. These events aim to connect businesses in Asia and globally, and facilitate business matching with opportunities along with knowledge sharing.

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Annex A

What Can You Expect At Campus Party Singapore 2018?


  • 6 to 8 July 2018


  • Singapore EXPO, Hall 7
  • Arena, Experience, Village


  • 300 hours of content that revolves around the main theme "Create the Future"
  • 4 thematic stages ­-- Creativity, Entertainment, Technology, and Science
  • Emphasis on 6 distinct areas -- Robotics & Drones, Virtual & Augmented Reality, Block chain, Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles, as well as the Internet of Things


  • 57 hours of non-stop action
  • Exciting activities over 3 days, 2 nights


  • 2,000 Campuseros and more than 4,000 visitors daily
  • Take part in talks, workshops, discussions, showcases and challenges

Keep A Lookout For These Presenters!

Bill Reith

Bill is a biomedical engineer, neuroscientist, and the lead developer on the RoboRoach project at Backyard Brains, an organization that is committed to democratizing neuroscience.  Bill's work has been featured on the TED Stage, documentaries, and the New York Times.  He is an international speaker where he both entertains and educates audiences on electrophysiology.  While he is not developing cyborg technology, Bill helps develop fully autonomous flying cameras for Skydio in Silicon Valley.

To find out more about Bill, please visit and

Anna and Ola Rosling

Anna is a Swedish designer who, with husband Ola Rosling, developed Trendalyzer, interactive software for visualizing statistical information. After Trendalyzer was sold to Google in 2007, the couple continued work on its development until August 2010.

In 2005, Anna co-founded the Gapminder Foundation, where she later served as vice president for design and usability. In 2016, she announced Dollar Street, a website that imagines a street of homes. The website helps people to visualize how others of varying cultures and incomes live around the world.

Ola is a Swedish statistician known for his work for Gapminder on changing global quality of life. Ola co-founded the Gapminder Foundation with his wife, Anna and his father, Hans Rosling. Ola leads the development of the Trendalyzer software that converts international statistics into moving, interactive graphics. The software was bought by Google in 2007 and Ola Rosling and his team has worked for Google from then on. Ola was Google's Public Data product manager. For this work, the couple were awarded the World Technology Award in Design in 2010.

To find out more about Ana, please visit

To find out more about Ola, please visit

Annabelle Kwok

Annabelle Kwok is a mathematician, hardware hacker, artificial intelligence (AI) practitioner, and the founder of NeuralBay, an AI company that specialises in vision analytics. NeuralBay focuses on recognition software related to humans, objects and text, and offers complementary plug-and-play hardware for image capturing and edge processing. Annabelle also does consultancy for AI-driven solutions for MNCs across the region. The young entrepreneur has been heavily featured by both local and international media such as Channel News Asia, Yahoo! News, NVIDIA, and US Embassy Singapore. She was also listed by Tech in Asia as one of the five young Southeast Asian entrepreneurs that everyone ought to keep an eye on.

To find out more about Annabelle, please visit and

Gabe Gabrielle

Gabe is the former Director of Engineering for the US Air Force's Special Operations Command. The engineer has been assigned to NASA's Speakers Bureau for 10 years. He has visited 350 schools from 2007 to 2018 throughout the US, speaking to over 55,000 students from K-College. In 2014, the American Embassy in Qatar requested for him to support a weeklong community outreach on the 10th year anniversary of Mars Rovers. To date, he has visited 185 schools in Norway, Denmark, Germany, Trinidad, Qatar, and Brazil from 2008 to 2018 speaking with 33,000 students.

Gabe also volunteers with great passion in his free time. He has made multiple visits to South Africa since 2007 and spoke to over 8,000 students while supporting both NASA and American Embassy outreach programmes. A member of Kennedy Space Center's Disability Awareness and Action Working Group (DAAWG) for the past 14 years, Gabe has devoted his life to improving the work environment for personnel with disabilities. He is also the 2016 recipient of the Central Florida Aerospace Academy Ray Lien Award for Excellence in Aerospace Education.

To find out more about Gabe, please visit and

Iris Koh

Iris is a songwriter, musician and entrepreneur. Iris was a child musical prodigy and won herself a scholarship with Yamaha Music School when she was 11 years old and later performed all over Singapore. More recently, in 2009, she headed a project titled The Shoes Stories for TEDxWomen, where a collection of stories about women from all walks of life were told in song.

She is also the founder of Ikibook, a platform powered by blockchain technology which seeks to encourage collaboration in the creative industry. Ikibook's mission is to save meaningful content in the world. The "What If" musical is the first project by Ikibook.

To find out more about Iris, please visit

Annex B

Some Interesting Activities Taking Place At Campus Party!

1.         Be Infected by Zombies at Zombie RIoT

Here at Campus Party Singapore, participants can boost their social cred by outrunning the undead! Zombie RIoT is the ultimate quest for survival that involves the Internet of Things (IoT), cosplayers and the makers community. Campuseros will get to choose between being a "zombie" or "human" in this heart-racing event. While brain-eating zombies work hard to infect humans, humans must collect vaccines with their teams as they try to make their way to safe zones. Teamwork and collaboration are of critical importance for players to come out of the zombie apocalypse alive. Every team must recruit a member who is a genius coder or a brainiac who can learn the basics of coding under time constraints.

2.         Get in the Gaming Zone

Gamers who have been curious about what goes on behind the scenes can finally discover the secrets behind their favourite games, including the magic of the green screen. Singapore Cyber Sports & Online Gaming Association (SCOGA), Twitch and Nanyang Polytechnic will curate a special experience zone at Campus Party Singapore made available exclusively for gamers. Another slice of heaven, gamers would not want to miss at the Campus Party Gaming Zone is a round-the-clock LAN and console gaming festival featuring Players' Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG)!

3.         Robotics X Cosplay – a Beautiful Fusion of Technology and Artistry

What happens when the tech geeks who are big on robotics meet with the glamorous cosplayers? Sparks will definitely fly with the unlikely collaboration between Team CSL from Korea and Nullspace Robotics from Singapore. The cross-cultural exchange will see cosplayers take their art form up a notch in unexpected ways. Campuseros can watch how robotics and technology play a part in enhancing creativity in the making of breath taking animated costumes in the art of cosplay.

4.         Control Roaches using Neuroscience

This July, Campus Party will become the perfect place for the curious-minded to learn how to unlock secrets of the sub-conscious mind at the ultimate race between cockroaches. Maker and speaker, Bill Reith, who is also an engineer and "roach surgeon" at Backyard Brains will guide Campuseros along the journey of making their own modified roaches, otherwise called the RoboRoaches. Campuseros will have the opportunity to learn to perform their own "roach surgery" and compel the RoboRoach to move by simply using the power of thought at the roach race!

5.         Race for the Skies

Campuseros will get the opportunity to build their own drone from scratch and let it take flight in Drone Race via an exciting UV-lighted racecourse that was specially curated for Campus Party Singapore. Brought to us by Performance Rotors and expert partners, the competition will test the drone piloting skills of eager participants. Participants who are more serious about learning the art of drone flying can also purchase a special Drone Fly Pass or the Campusero Experience Pass, so they will not get left behind when the race begins!

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