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TMCNet:  SuchApp and ICOSuccess Present World's First Blockchain Sweepstakes

[July 03, 2018]

SuchApp and ICOSuccess Present World's First Blockchain Sweepstakes

NEW YORK, July 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- As part of its promise to promote mainstream blockchain adoption, SuchApp has established a strategic partnership with ICOSuccess to present the world's first 100% blockchain sweepstakes. Starting on Monday July 2nd, participants will be able to purchase tickets for $0.01 Ethereum. Drawings will occur every evening at 12 midnight Universal Standard Time with 20 lucky winners being chosen.

Unlike traditional lotteries, every participant in the new SuchApp blockchain sweepstakes is a winner. In addition to purchasing a ticket for the prize drawing, each participant will automatically receive a special SPRIZE token in their wallet. Starting on August 30th, SuchApp will exchange each SPRIZE token for 100 SPS tokens at no additional cost.

Joe Nakav, COO of SuchApp, explained, "we are really excited to have allocated 350 million SPS tokens for such an innovative and fun program. SuchApp is all about facilitating communication and sharing great memories, and what could be better than the memory of winning a substantial jackpot?"

Starting on Monday, July 2nd the ICOSuccess sweepstakes will begin with a minimum jackpot of 2,000 SPRIZE which corresponds to $10,000 in SPS tokens. Additionally, 50% of all proceeds from the sale of tickets will accumulate into the daily jackpot. On Saturday, June 30th the minimum jackpot will be 4,000 SPRIZE and on Sunday, July 1st the minimum jackpot will be 10,000 SPRIZE ($50,000 in SPS).

Every evening, the sweepstakes will select 20 winners at random from among the day's participants. The grand prize winner will receive 50% of the total jackpot, the first prize winner will receive 14 of the jackpot and the remaining 18 winners will each receive 2% of the total jackpot.

All details including the winning addresses will be published on the sweepstakes website here.

"We believe that making the blockchain accessible, fun and easy to understand is essential for the future of the industry. This is exactly what SuchApp does, and that's why we're so happy to partner with them," explained Dennis Lewis, CEO of ICOSuccess. The company secured a sizable allocation of SPS tokens during now completed ICO and is using them as prizes in the sweepstakes.

More than just a messenger service, SuchApp is a blockchain-driven ecosystem that integrates the best of social media services like WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube into one integrated platform. Designed to maximize communication and help businesses maximize their online presence, SuchApp is the only platform that uses 5G real-time messaging to connect users through video, text, and VoIP services. SuchApp differs from other communication services and social media platforms in the following ways:

  • SuchApp uses cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to facilitate transactions within the application, send and receive money, and reward loyal users participating in the SuchApp bounty program. The application has its own built-in wallets, making it easy for anyone to use cryptocurrency to make purchases – even people with no experience with blockchain technology.
  • Better marketing campaigns, including location-based messaging that brings the power of geofencing to the messenger platform. Businesses can also create chatrooms specifically for marketing or customer service, as well as roll out their own customer incentive and rewards programs using SuchApp and cryptocurrency.
  • Creating a fully-functional online marketplace. Other social media platforms and messenger services are used solely for marketing and customer engagement, but SuchApp actually becomes the marketplace that allows users to buy and sell goods using the security and convenience of SuchApp.

About SuchApp
SuchApp brings the content of social media platforms to messaging. It's the first-ever 5G messaging service that provides 4K video, text, and VoIP communication, content creation, marketing, and e-commerce all under one platform and driven by blockchain technology. Visit the SuchApp website to learn more. 

About ICOSuccess
ICOSuccess is a full service blockchain marketing provider with extensive experience launching and promoting innovative blockchain initiatives. For more information visit the ICOSuccess website.

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