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TMCNet:  Asterisk Service Announce Conferencing Solution Development Services

[June 06, 2018]

Asterisk Service Announce Conferencing Solution Development Services

Ecosmob, an innovator in VoIP technologies, announced the launch of customized conferencing solution development services. Speaking on the launch the VP said that, as always, their main focus is on helping business enterprises communicate the way they want using an AV conferencing solution that suits their environment.

What marks out Asterisk conferencing solution development by experts with years of experience is that APIs and codecs can be implemented in reference to the bandwidth available in specific geo locations and usage scenarios. At the same time, the company takes care of incorporating modules or features as may be required in addition to management and reporting functions. It is not just business that can benefit through use of a customized Asterisk AV conferencing solution. We offer innovative and interesting ways other enterprises or institutions can make use of this tool.

One of the typical use scenarios where Asterisk customized AV solution can help is the field of education. Schools and colleges as well as remote educational institutes can make use of conferencing to reach out to students located anywhere and at any time. Inclusion of WebRTC means that anyone can join in using his smartphone.  Asterisk can also include AR and VR into its conferencing with far reaching benefits in various use scenarios.

Enterprises, similarly, can make use of conferencing to conduct training sessions for their employees in any location and save time, money and efforts. In the same way, healthcare industry can obtain a customized asterisk AV solution for patient-doctor interaction.

Maintenance is a big thing in industries and maintenance professionals are likely to benefit when they use a custom conferencing solution that helps them see the equipment, observe it and decide about repairs or maintenance.

Travel industry can make use of clips to show to prospective customers to help them decide about joining tour packages. Realty can benefit by showing pictures, actual video of locations and buildings as well as walkthroughs to convince potential buyers. AV conferencing is not just about a face to face chat or group chat; it is also about presenting data, slide shows or video within video or pictures. In this last case even printing and media industry can make use of our solution tailored to their specific use to show remote clients rough cuts of videos or drafts of layouts. In short, the possibilities are limitless when one has asterisk audio video conferencing tool at their disposal.

Ecosmob is committed to offering tailored conferencing development for any industry segment or any use scenario. The company recommends travel, hospitality, healthcare, educational service industry and media industry to take advantage of the capabilities conferencing using audio video and webRTC offers and to contact Asterisk for solutions. They may be contacted by phone on 91 79 40054019, 1-303-997-3139 or via website


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