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TMCNet:  Telzio Customers Can Now Talk To Their Amazon Echo From Anywhere and Alexa, the Voice of The Echo, Talks Back

[March 02, 2016]

Telzio Customers Can Now Talk To Their Amazon Echo From Anywhere and Alexa, the Voice of The Echo, Talks Back

LOS ANGELES, ­March 2, 2016­­ /PRNewswire/ -- Telzio has announced the successful integration between its cloud­based, business grade Voice­Over­IP telephone service and the Amazon Echo. The Echo is Amazon's Internet of Things (IoT) speaker device that reacts to voice commands like answering questions, playing music and controlling other smart devices, and Telzio customers can now talk to their Echo from anywhere. 

By making use of the Amazon Echo API, Telzio's engineering team made it possible for customers with an Echo to interact, query, instruct and gain information from Alexa,the voice of the Echo, remotely using a phone or mobile device. Common tasks include finding weather forecasts, editing and reviewing to-­do lists, ordering products from Amazon, and even requesting an Uber. 

"The Amazon Echo is one of the best new smart devices to hit the market in years," said Peter Rank Schrøder, co­founder and CEO of Telzio. "Within a few days, we were able to go from ideation to a live deployment integration where our customers were talking to the Echo through Telzio." 

To start a conversation with the Echo, Telzio users simply press two keys on their phone or mobile app and are instantly interacting with the Echo as if they were in the same room. With the integration between the telephone service and the Echo, Telzio has made the Echo portable and accessible, adding greater utility and value to the home and office product. 

"The Echo isn't something you can easily take around with you," added Schrøder. "We wanted to enable the owners of the Echo to get more use out of it, and enable them to use Alexa from anywhere. Given Telzio is based in Los Angeles and Angelenos spend so much time in their cars, the integration was another way to derive greater value from the Echo, and to further differentiate Telzio from the sameness trap seen in most VoIP companies."

All Telzio customers can connect with their Amazon Echo as part of the service. New customers can sign up now at starting at the current price of $1 per month for all the features and mobile app needed to start talking to Alexa instantly. 

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Telzio is a provider of cloud-based business phone systems with high­-definition call quality and modern, usable design. Telzio's simple and functional interface makes it easy to set up and manage features and users, with no hardware needed. Desk phones, softphones and mobile phones integrate seamlessly across locations. 

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