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TMCNet:  DaisyBill and ClarityMBR Partner for Webinar Series on California Workers' Compensation Billing

[January 08, 2013]

DaisyBill and ClarityMBR Partner for Webinar Series on California Workers' Compensation Billing

Santa Barbara, CA, Jan 08, 2013 ( via COMTEX) -- DaisyBill, California's only workers' compensation e-billing solution, is introducing an educational component to their already popular services. DaisyBill is partnering with its sister-company, ClarityMBR to release a series of live webinars on California workers' compensation billing including information on the recently mandated changes made by Senate Bill 863 (SB863). The first webinar in the series will take place January 10, 2013 at 11:00am PST and will focus specifically on SB863 and cover several topics including second review and independent bill review. Click here to sign up for this free webinar.

Similar webinars start at $99 each but DaisyBill and ClarityMBR are providing these webinars free of charge. "Workers' compensation billing is hard enough." DaisyBill co-founder Sarah Moray said, "If knowledge can be shared among providers and billers to make the process easier and faster, everyone benefits: the providers and the injured workers. This webinar will also be beneficial to claims adjusters too." Ms. Moray continued. "Adjusters need to know about the new timeframes for bill adjudication and treatment requests." DaisyBill helps California workers' compensation providers be paid timely and correctly for the treatment they provide to injured workers while ClarityMBR is a knowledge base and tool kit for California workers' compensation providers and billers. "By partnering these two companies together for these educational webinars we hope to make workers' compensation billing more friendly and approachable," Ms. Moray said. "If we can show providers and billers how easy workers' compensation billing can be, we hope to increase the number of providers willing to take on workers' comp cases thus giving injured workers' and employers choices in treatment options." DaisyBill was founded by Catherine Montgomery and Sarah Moray who have a combined 18 years experience in workers' compensation medical billing. They also run the website, a free resource for those who wrestle with workers' compensation billing. For more information or to schedule a demonstration of DaisyBill, please visit

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