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TMCNet:  OSHA Top 10 Citations for Dealerships and Service Centers in 2012

[November 19, 2012]

OSHA Top 10 Citations for Dealerships and Service Centers in 2012

Lafayette, CO, Nov 19, 2012 ( via COMTEX) -- Managers need fast, straightforward answers to their compliance concerns. To meet this need, KPA developed the Top 10 OSHA Citations for Dealerships and Service Centers by combining OSHA's annual Most Frequently Cited Regulations for Dealerships, and OSHA's annual Most Frequently Cited Regulations for Repair Shops. KPA pin-pointed specific machinery and processes at facilities that were frequently cited, and developed the Top 10 OSHA Citations for Dealerships and Service Centers.

The List 1.Hazard Communication 2.Respiratory Protection 3.Unguarded Machinery (Parts Grinder) 4.Electrical Safety Requirements 5.Powered Industrial Trucks 6.Exit Routes and Emergency Action Plans 7.Portable Fire Extinguishers 8.Spray finishing using flammable liquids (especially at collision centers) 9.General Duty Clause 10.Improperly Maintained Emergency Eyewash Stations Having an accurate list gives managers the big picture of what needs to be done to keep their business in compliance with OSHA's most frequently cited regulations. "KPA's Top 10 OSHA Citations for Dealerships and Service Centers is a great place to start if you are taking a pragmatic approach to safety compliance, because it puts the riskiest issues first," explains Eric Schmitz, Vice President of Products and Development, "and KPA is here to help to keep dealerships and service centers stay compliant." KPA's Environment & Safety service is designed to keep Dealerships and Repair Shops in compliance with OSHA regulations. For example, every one of KPA's Environment & Safety clients receives a written Hazard Communication Program that is developed by a professional Environment & Safety engineer after an initial site visit. The program is in an electronic format, which allows KPA to update it immediately for your business as regulations change. Additionally, KPA offers industry-specific training programs, including an online Respiratory Protection training course that is designed to keep your employees safe and in compliance with OSHA's requirements. The training course only uses numbers, examples, and processes from the automotive industry to clearly communicate the safest way your employees can mitigate respiratory hazards they may encounter while on the job.

Every year KPA's Environment & Safety engineers conduct more than 11,000 facility inspections at dealerships and repair shops across the country to help our clients detect, and address safety and compliance issues. KPA's engineers work with managers on the ground to find the best solutions to environment and safety issues, resulting in savings for our clients because of fewer workers compensation claims and lower insurance premiums.

The Point If you are concerned that safety issues from the OSHA Top 10 Citations for Dealerships and Service Centers in 2012 might be present at your dealership or repair shop, call KPA to get to the heart of the issue and get a proven process in place to solve it as quickly as possible.

Learn More KPA will host a free educational webinar on November 29th about OSHA's Top 10 Most Cited Violations by Dealers. Register now at to attend or to receive a link to the recorded webinar.

About KPA KPA is a dealer services and Internet marketing provider for over 4,600 automotive, truck, and equipment dealerships and service companies. KPA provides consulting services and software for three industry-specific product lines: Environment & Safety, HR Management, and Internet Marketing. KPA joined the Inc. 500/5000 list of fastest growing companies in 2012. For more information, visit

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