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New Oregon Law Extends the Availability of Telemedicine
Oregon has changed the law covering telemedicine in the state to make it available to Oregonians in urban as well as rural areas.

Video Conferencing Goes Mainstream with a Bevy of Benefits
Video conferencing has become fairly mainstream, as deployments have become more cost-effective and less complex-and as user interfaces become easier and intuitive to use. It's also gained popularity as a way to help a company support truly mobile work environments, while, conversely, eliminating costly and productivity-killing travel for meetings with clients and partners. But knowing best where it fits and how it can help will smooth the implementation process across the organization.

Conferencing Week in Review: TrueConf, Lifesize, Vidyo, Logitech
Like video on good bandwidth, news in the conferencing space has been streaming in this week. As always, our global online community went wading in the thick of it to bring back the news, features and analysis that matters. Let's review!

Logitech Looks to Simplify the Collaborative Process
At no other time in history has the collaborative process been more dynamic across a larger geographical region. The convergence of three key technologies: smart mobile devices, wireless broadband and cloud services is making it possible for two or more individuals to come together and achieve their objective. As more organization pull their resources together, they are looking for a platform that will connect everyone no matter where they are or what device they are using. The Logitech Collabor…

Gartner Magic Quadrant Ranks a New Leader in Vidyo
The Gartner Magic Quadrant rankings have long proven a great source of information about companies looking to make a variety of technologies better. Assigning companies different ranks based on a two-axis scale of completeness of vision and ability to achieve that vision, the Magic Quadrant study shows just where a firm is in the wider market. Gartner has recently announced a new Leader-ranked firm to its Magic Quadrant system: Vidyo.

Frost & Sullivan Gives Lifesize Product Leadership Award for VaaS Solution
Lifesize recently announced that it had received Frost & Sullivan's (F & S) 2015 Video-as-a-Service (VaaS) Product Leadership Award for 2015. The strength of the company's Lifesize Cloud videoconferencing service was the basis for earning the award.

TrueConf Unveils Version of Video Conferencing Solution for Mac and Linux
There is very little doubt that video conferencing applications are only getting more popular no matter where you are located in the world. What might surprise people is that it's been a long time since the technology was something only big time businesses use.

The Conferencing Zone Week in Review: Revolabs, VoIP Supply and More
To kick off our week-in-review coverage for the Conferencing Zone, we begin with the video conferencing phone and how far it has come in today's day and age. The use of video conferencing and the ability to make video calls on almost any smart phone has allowed us to talk to others face-to-face regardless of location. One field of professionals benefiting big time from the use of video calls is medical personnel. The emergence of video conferencing has made medical evaluation easier than ever an…

Decreased Revenue in the Video Conferencing Market is a Good Sign: Here's Why
For the most part, assessments of the video conferencing market have been overwhelmingly positive, with indicators of growth at nearly every source we turn to. This wasn't exactly the case, however, with a recent post from TrueConf, which made an interesting observation: the global video conferencing market has experienced a revenue decline by 6.8 percent between 2013 and 2014.

What's That Rash? Use Your Smartphone To Show Your MD
With the advancement in communication technology today and the rise in telemedicine, conferencing is playing a whole new role.

VoIP Supply, Revolabs Work in Concert for Conferencing Solutions
When two leaders in their respective fields decide to work together, the result can be expected to be an awesome product.

Business Travelers Constantly on the Go Need Video Conferencing Software
The antiquated way of conducting meetings has changed thanks to the advent of video conferencing software. In the past, setting up video conference calls was a major hassle. I know since I used to try to set them up. It was a process of making sure that everyone had compatible equipment.

Conferencing Week in Review: Pan Am Games, Revolabs, Avaya India, Grandstream
This week in the Conferencing Zone we covered some big players-and some big games if you factor in the Pan Am Games. Let's take a stroll down memory lane in our weekly, week-in-review conference.

The $4,000 Grandstream GVC3200 Android Video Conferencing System
Improvements in video conferencing (VC) technology along with lower price points is responsible for many businesses integrating it as part of their overall communication solutions. Granted that traditional, in-person meetings still hold value, but the entire business community has now come to appreciate a meeting as just a meeting, no matter how it is carried out. This is primarily being driven by millennials, who grew up with video technology and feel much more comfortable communicating on this…

Avaya India Unveils Free Trial of Top-of-the-Line Video Conferencing Solution
There is very little doubt that the adoption rates of the video conferencing market are only picking up as the technology becomes more accessible around the world. Because of this, there are more and more companies competing for users of their products. To this end, Avaya India just announced a new 30 day trial for its video conferencing solution.

Revolabs Lands Best of Show Award from AV Technology's InfoComm 2015
Revolabs has plenty of reason to hold its collective head up high with a Best of Show win at the InfoComm 2015 awards, taking high honors from a show that is itself a high honor just to be considered for.

Cloud-Based Conferencing to Aid Congestion in Face of Pan Am Games
Toronto is currently gearing up to host the Pan Am games over the next two weeks, shoring up facilities and finalizing lodging and transportation. Unfortunately, no amount of preparation can mitigate the extreme traffic and congestion that comes when hundreds of thousands of fans flock to a city. For those who live and work in Toronto, this could be a nightmare.

Conferencing Week in Review: Video Conferencing, Google and More
Once we've run through the biggest developments in conferencing technology-including new product releases, updates to existing products, nascent partnerships, and new industry analyses- it's good to take a step back from the flurry of information and see it in broad strokes. It's now time for that weekly conference, a.k.a. the week in review.

Choose the Right Microphone for the Job
Whether they're being used in unified communications deployments, in boardrooms for conferencing, in auditoriums and live performance venues, or for mobile recording and video chats, microphones are in many ways the heart of communications.

Google Updates its Chromebox Video Conferencing Solution
Google gave notice that it would be making its play for the business videoconferencing market when it released its Google Chromebox last year. Now the company is upping the ante with its second iteration of the video conferencing solution.

Video Conferencing Platform Based On Interoperable Cloud Services
Thanks to the various ways that we can stay connected these days, we find a lot of employees working from home, often not even in the same state as the company, working from their hotel room, or pretty much from anywhere as they are constantly on the go.

Video Conferencing Market Picking Up Speed in Adoption Rates
A new video conferencing services market report bears out that money is being spent on video conferencing solutions more than ever before, because the technology makes it easier for firms to communicate through desktops and laptops, but also through smartphones and tablets.

Conferencing Week in Review: Microphones, Drones, Kazakhstan, and Courts
No doubt, the headline teaser is a good indication of the diverse news items that trickle into the conferencing zone on a near-daily basis. The reason for the colorful array of stories is simple: there is almost no part of modern life, and almost no part of the world, that conferencing technology hasn't in some way influenced. Let's take a closer look at just a few examples in our week in review coverage.

Court Systems Express Appreciation for Video Conferencing
While we often hear about private companies looking to save a penny here or a penny there by adopting different tech solutions, we don't always think about how important it is for government agencies to also shave costs wherever they can. This is the reason that more and more courts are finding success as they adopt different versions of video conferencing solutions in order to get through their day.

TrueConf Highlights Kazakhstan Videoconferencing Habits
Russian videoconferencing software provider TrueConf has conducted a survey of the videoconferencing market in Kazakhstan. "The study by our company has created a clearer understanding of what video conferencing services are required by modern users in Kazakhstan," TrueConf CEO Michael Gotalksy said. "The simplicity and usability of enterprise video conferencing systems are a priority for Kazakhstani clients. Also, the BYOD concept is far more popular here than in Russia, resulting in special…

Stampede and Vidyo Come Together to Deliver Drone-based Video Conferencing
Commercial drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have gained a lot of attention after the Super Bowl commercial in which Amazon used them to deliver packages.

Microphone Myths to Avoid in Conferencing
Whether we plug a peripheral into our personal computer, use the built-in version for a Skype call, turn up the volume on the microphone on our smartphone or simply talk into the speaker in the car, microphones have made their place in this digital world.

Conferencing Week in Review: Courtrooms, Huddle Rooms, More
With each week that passes, the value of conferencing technology increases through new and innovative deployments across a bevy of businesses, organizations and governments; this week was no exception. Let's take a closer look.

Can Your Employees Leverage Conferencing from a Huddle Room?
If you're like too many companies out there that have yet to implement a strategy for the huddle room, it's time to take a different approach.

Why Videoconferencing is Growing so Rapidly
Anyone who has taken the slightest glance at communications knows that it is shifting toward video. Its growth in the business and non-business worlds is undeniable, and reputable sources have compiled reports that paint a bright picture for videoconferencing.

Affordable, Professional Quality Videoconferencing Becoming a Trend
A new solution seems to be part of a growing trend to open up the videoconferencing market to smaller businesses.

Video Conferencing Providing Multiple Benefits in Courtrooms
With so many striking examples of information and communication technologies adoption making public and private organizations more efficient, it was only a matter of time until the criminal justice system did the same.

Victoria Zona of Revolabs Named to 2015 CRN Women of the Channel
The Channel Company holds several brands such as CRN, XChange Events, IPED, and SharedVue that operate in the marketing and sales markets. Every year, it uses its expertise in those markets to offer a number of awards such as the 2015 CRN Women of the Channel.

Conferencing Week in Review: LoopUp, Voxbone, San Mar Children's Home
First on the week's menu, TMC's Oliver VanDervoort reported on the new deal between LoopUp, a company that focuses on making conference call environments stress-free through streamlined conferencing capabilities, and conferencing provider Voxbone. The former will be trialing the latter's new WebRTC-to-SIP service.

Educators Steered Toward Video Conferencing as a New Tool
Those in the business world have already seen the advantages that video conferencing can provide. Users no longer have to hop on a jet and travel for hours for a simple business meeting. Instead, they can stroll down the hall, dial up their colleague, conduct business on a screen and get back to work. The time and money saved is immeasurable.

Next Generation of AV Networking Standards is Alive and Well
There has been some speculation since 2012 as to whether or not AVB would continue to exist. If the turnout at this year's AVnu Alliance's debut conference on Time Sensitive Networking and Applications (TSNA) is any indication, the sold out crowd should answer any questions.

San Mar Children's Home Gets Videoconferencing Capability With New Grant
Videoconferencing has long been a useful tool in business, allowing companies to reduce expenses from business travel and productivity loss from having to attend largely useless meetings. But outside business, videoconferencing has recently started showing its value as well. Schools, hospitals and others put this technology to work, and now, a new report from Herald-Mail Media shows even children's homes are getting in on video.

LoopUp Signs On for Voxbone's Newest Conferencing Service
Voxbone has long been considered one of the best conferencing providers in the country and it appears the firm is getting even stronger. Last week, the company announced that it saw a 12 percent increase in conferencing provider customers. Voxbone also reported that it supported more than 43 percent more call volume (in minutes) compared to last year.

Conferencing Week in Review: Clear Path Solutions, NATO, Education, More
Conferencing technology is at the crux of modern communication across a variety of industries and sectors-from national defense, to education, to diplomacy, and more. This week's news featured interesting new applications of conferencing, and industry analysis from the experts here at The Conferencing Zone.

Skype Is No Videoconferencing Replacement
Most of the time Skype and other over-the-top video apps work, but there's always the chance that they won't.

NATO Embraces Video for Threat Intelligence Sharing
Video conferencing is also used by NCI "to provide rapid support to any major operation or mission around the globe." As an example of one use case, he discussed the joint mission to Afghanistan.

Educational Videoconferencing is the New Teacher's Pet
Rapidly changing technology is showing itself to be the new teacher's pet, as a new report from shows videoconferencing providing a whole new way to learn.

Clear Path Solutions to Provide Counseling Sessions via Skype
One of the most difficult elements of the helping professions - psychotherapy, life coaching, psychological assessments - is finding the time in people's busy lives to have them visit the office. The professionals at Clear Path Solutions in Toronto know this can be an issue, and have now begun offering services through Skype as part of their portfolio.

Hear Me Now: Revolabs New Conference Phones are Microsoft Certified
Both designated phones are now part of an elite group of products authorized to wear the "Compatible with Windows" badge. These phones incorporate sophisticated digital signal processing (DSP) technologies that Revolabs developed for its professional audio solutions that have now been adapted for the unified communications market.

Conferencing Week in Review: Twilio, TrueConf, Cisco Systems, Health Care Interpreter Network, Blue Jeans Network
Conferencing with both voice and video has made a big difference in the operations of many companies. It has allowed them to bring together staff and personnel from remote locations with those in-house and allow them to collaborate as if they were in person. Twilio, TrueConf, Cisco Systems, the Health Care Interpreter Network (HCIN), and Blue Jeans Network all showed the true power of conferencing this week.

Video Conferencing to Benefit from European Boost of WebRTC
A new WebRTC solution lets operators offer enterprise customers voice and video calls from any national and international location without having to install client software.

The Cloud's Value Strikes Again with Videoconferencing
With the rise of cloud technology, as well as an increase in HD communications and conferencing systems, such technology has proven to be a valuable new option on several fronts. That proof is likely to help fuel new waves of use in such technology; Wainhouse Research's Andrew W. Davis, who serves as senior partner and analyst, suggests that within the next three years, cloud-based video systems will become the "preferred communications strategy in most organizations."

TrueConf Now Supports 25 Participants at Once
Russian video conferencing provider TrueConf has announced that the latest version of its server now supports up to 25 participants at once.

Twilio Announces New IP Messaging Platform
Twilio, a provider of its own communications platform which supports voice and video, recently announced the launch of its accompanying Twilio IP Messaging software that will allow businesses to place chat functions on their mobile and Web applications.

Conferencing Week in Review: IP Phone Warehouse, TrueConf, Indian Navy
Another week has come and gone, and The Conferencing Zone saw yet another bevy of industry updates and analysis. We saw new solutions, some industry analysis, and the Indian Navy using video conferencing for telemedicine purposes. Let's take a closer look at the week that was in our week in review coverage.

TrueConf Announces RTSP Support
TrueConf has announced that it has developed support for RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) source on its video conferencing server.

IP Phone Warehouse Unveils New Polycom Group Video Conferencing Solutions
The world of video conferencing is changing quite quickly. Companies that want to succeed in that world have to adapt or face the prospect of failure. The IP Phone Warehouse is one company that has clearly taken that to heart and continues to put out products that help its customers change and evolve right along with the video conferencing market. The firm just recently unveiled two new additions to its Polycom Group series, dubbed the Polycom Group Convene and the Polycom Group 310.

Things to Consider When Deciding on Cloud Video Options
I tend to be a visual person, meaning that I can see something done once and I can do it myself, as opposed to reading about how to do something. I usually have to read it over several times while envisioning it. I believe that a lot of people fall into the same category, making the option of video conferencing much more efficient than collaboration through lots of emails.

Indian Navy Embracing Telemedicine for Ships at Sea
When it comes to the telemedicine market, it hasn't been settled just yet. There appears to be new ways to use the technology employed with telemedicine nearly every day. Along those lines, the Indian navy has implemented a number of approaches that will make it that much easier to treat severely injured personnel who are serving on board a ship at sea. The government is allowing specialists to view a patient using video conferencing routed through the government's military satellite "Rukmini."

Conferencing Week in Review: Human Resources, Revolabs, Higher Education, Polycom
Headlines in The Conferencing Zone this week were about innovation and application, from human resources, to education. Let's review in our weekly community conference (aka: the week in review).

Polycom Announces Launch of RealPresence Group Series Video Collaboration
Polycom, a developer of collaboration hardware and software for audio/video conferencing, recently announced the launch of its RealPresence Group Series line of products that are made to turn small office spaces into larger-than-life collaboration hubs.

Education a Surprising Beneficiary of Video Conferencing
Although we hear a lot about how crucial video conferencing has become to businesses, another area is seeing growth in the industry as well: Higher Education.

Revolabs Pushing Audio Quality Boundaries in Conferencing
Revolabs has an entire line of conferencing phones designed to excel in the audio-quality department. Products have wide frequency response and separate drivers for mid-low and high-range.

Using Videoconferencing to Bring the Human Resources of Not-for-Profit Organizations Together
As the name implies, not-for-profit organizations are not in it to make money. They have lean operations designed to maximize the donations of their benefactors in order to deliver the biggest impact to the cause they are supporting. In most cases the individuals within those organizations are volunteers dispersed in disparate locations locally or globally; depending on the issue they are addressing.

Conferencing Week in Review: Court Conferencing, IDC, and More
Every week something new happens in the world of conferencing, and every week The Conferencing Zone is on top of it. This week we saw studies, solutions, and several cases of conferencing being used in court systems. You guessed it: It's time for the week in review!

Web Conferencing: Only as Useful as the User Makes It
Web conferencing can be a huge waste of time for companies that don't use it efficiently. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to keep a good thing going.

Seeing the Light: Videoconferencing on the Rise
Tech-savvy companies are starting to realize that sending someone to a far off, face-to-face meeting is so 2014. More and more are starting to realize that the best way to conduct business might be via videoconference, where an employee can simply log on, speak to a client in real time via the computer and a videoconference set-up, conduct the needed business and then get right back to work. The money and time saved is immeasurable.

Australian State Government Budgets $11.6 Million to Upgrade Video Conferencing in Courts
According to Australian IT publication ITNews, the country's state of Victoria has budgeted $11.6 million to upgrade its court system's video conferencing. Most of the state's courts have no video technology and those that do are maxed out capacity-wise while running on outdated technology

Video Conferencing to Spare Domestic Violence Victims in Court
In an attempt to lower the trauma a victim of domestic violence goes through during a court proceeding after the perpetrator has been apprehended, the courts in Victoria, Australia, are using video conferencing technology.

Conferencing Week in Review: Web, Video, Audio and More
This week in conferencing was all about projections, predictions, and other synonyms related to forecasting the future. Some were alarming, some were positive, some were speculative, and all of them were covered in detail at the Conferencing Zone.

Metro Networks Can Position for the Content Vortex
As bandwidth demands continue to rise, carriers need a metro architecture that is programmable and holistic, and that can easily adjust to changing end-user requirements.

Videoconferencing Ranks to Reach 200 Million by End of 2015
For those out there considering adding videoconferencing tools to the everyday lineup of business operations, it would be easy to fall into the trap that this is some kind of flash-in-the-pan fad technology, here one day and gone the next. The numbers make it clear: videoconferencing is a huge new technology, put to work most every day in some places, and a new report from IT-Online shows just how huge.

Report: Audio Conferencing Remains Strong in Southeast Asia, but for How Long?
A cursory glance at any tech publication will undoubtedly uncover a lot of news about unified communications (UC). These articles typically discuss topics like improved video quality, cloud technology, support for mobile users, and the different methods of communication supported. There is almost no discussion about audio conferencing. It's as if the technology doesn't matter anymore.

Web Conferencing Increasing in Value as Global Market Continues to Grow
We now want access from anywhere, and increasingly video is becoming an important component of that demand. With WebRTC, Skype and other web-based video communications readily available, more people are using the technology than ever before.

Conferencing Week in Review: IDC, GIA, Scholars Junction
Stay off the highway to the danger zone, and enter the Conferencing Zone. The wonderful thing about conferencing technology is that it lets people communicate for business or for pleasure, from near or from afar, without the travel. Perhaps this is why so many companies are jumping on the video conferencing bandwagon.

Report: Cloud Video Conferencing Set To Explode
The expansion and acceptance of video conferencing services in the enterprise has had at least one new side benefit: the growth of cloud-based video conferencing services. A new report forecasts that the cloud-based video conferencing services market could be worth $2.9 billion by 2020.

Scholars Junction Adds Audio and Video Conferencing Functionality to Online Assignment Help and Tutoring Service
Scholars Junction, a global online tutoring company, has recently overhauled its Web portal to better offer its services to students and tutors alike. The redesigned website provides a way for students to quickly upload assignments and receive help from a large pool of qualified experts, taking a comprehensive and detailed approach to fulfill and augment standard curriculums.

Companies Looking at Cloud Video Conferencing Need To Make Sure They're Ready
There is very little doubt that cloud video conferencing is becoming more popular all the time. More and more companies are taking advantage of the technology but that means that more and more companies are finding there are unique challenges to overcome when it comes to this platform. One big factor that needs to be addressed is making sure that companies have local and wide area networks that can actually support high quality cloud-based video conferencing.

Suddenly, Everyone's Tuning in to Video Conferencing
Enough with the talk; it's time to take action. That seems to be the feeling in a growing number of enterprises, as video conferencing technology starts to take center stage and more companies get on board.

Conferencing Week in Review: Revolabs, Sandlot Solutions and More
It's next to impossible to manage a successful enterprise without remote conferencing. The rapidly proliferating technology allows employees in multiple corners of the globe to be of one mind. This is why every day at The Conferencing Zone we strive to bring you all the new implementations and industry analysis driving this extraordinarily useful communication tool. Now it's time to tie this week's news in a bow with our Week in Review coverage.

The New Role for Video Conferencing in the Office
Video conferencing has been with us for a long time-since 1964, in fact, when AT&T demonstrated its Picturephone concept. However, technology trends are finally making video conferencing a viable business medium.

Top 3 Benefits of Better Video Conferencing Techniques
The world of video conferencing is expanding exponentially. Investing in the right technology, training your employees and using it effectively can lead to a more productive business. Let me clue you in on the top three benefits of employing better video conferencing techniques.

Increase Efficiency of Conference Call Meetings
Conference calls are a necessary evil in the work place. According to Intercall research, 82 percent of employees admit to focusing on other tasks while on a conference call. This includes everything from sending an email, eating food, going to the bathroom, texting, and online shopping. A few people even confessed to exercising, using the restroom and even taking another phone call. If such a high number of employees can admit to this lack of interest in their conference call meetings, it is ti…

Sandlot Solutions Introduces Advanced Technology Platform for Clinical Interoperability and Data Integration
Sandlot Solutions, a healthcare information technology (IT) company offering health information exchange (HIE) and data analytics tools and services, has announced the release of its new advanced big data analytics platform for clinical interoperability and data integration. The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based solution effectively makes the company's big data capabilities fully interoperable and enables centralization of community health data, according to a press release from benzinga.

Revolabs Moves to Boost its Video Conferencing Visibility in Canada
One of the hottest areas of technology today is video conferencing. As more and more companies start taking a closer look at their bottom line in the wake of recent economic struggles, companies are realizing that money spent now on a solid video conferencing system will save way more than that initial outlay when they no longer have to pay for airfare and hotels.

Conferencing Week in Review: Infonetics, Lifesize, and More
Videoconferencing makes communication more intimate in personal venues, and more cost-effective and immediate in the workplace. As conferencing solutions continue to change the way we communicate, we can expect to see two things: ongoing analysis of efficacy regarding the technology behind conferencing, and innovative new applications of its features. This week we saw a little bit of both.

Infonetics Report Finds Cloud a Significant Factor in Collaboration Technology Growth
A recent report by Infonetics cited by eWeek has found that one of the major influences on the growth of unified communications (UC) and videoconferencing is cloud technology. Over half of the 162 companies surveyed will run at least some of their UC applications in a cloud environment. By next year, 93 percent intend to add videoconferencing to their UC system.

Lifesize Cloud Conferencing Receives Updates
Lifesize, the developer of its Lifesize Cloud videoconferencing service, recently announced the latest updates to its platform.

Interop and Ease-of-Use Barriers Still Plague Video Conferencing
Video conferencing is still suffering from ease-of-use issues, despite the service becoming more democratic within the enterprise, according to new research.

Video Training and the Need for Flexible Sales Scripts
Employees who have ever worked in a base-level position at a retail company or in a food service industry have likely run into video training services. They sit down for a few hours and learn how to complete basic tasks through video-based instruction such as from a DVD. This can work well for rote business operations, but it does not always fare well when it comes to sales positions.

Analyzing Video Conferences to Gauge Usage and ROI
The advent of the Internet, cloud services, smart mobile devices and broadband wireless technology is making it much easier for virtually any business to deploy conferencing solutions.

CareFlight Adds Videoconferencing Capability with eVideo Tools
Australia has a rather unique program in its midst known as CareFlight, a world leader in what's called "aeromedical care". With both fixed and rotary-wing vehicles in its fleet, and a team of over 400 doctors, flight crew and support staff to its credit, CareFlight already has a lot of capability when it comes to getting the injured and sick where they need to be. CareFlight has recently added a tool to its lineup that may make it even faster and more responsive: videoconferencing tools from eV…

Sonic Foundry's Mediasite Join Delivers SaaS Videoconference Capture
With the development of cloud technology, wireless broadband and smart mobile devices, it is now possible to carry out a videoconference from virtually anywhere. And the new Mediasite Join solution from Sonic Foundry, gives organizations the ability to enhance their video conferencing platform with new features.

Cut Back Costs with Videoconferencing
Videoconferencing is becoming a staple in the workplace, not only for its convenience, but for the amount of money it can save businesses. It can help cut back the cost of travel expenses, renting conference spaces, shipping materials to different locations, training sessions and management meetings by utilizing its technological advantages. Not to mention, video chat can help reduce organizations' carbon footprint.

What's Making Big Growth in Videoconferencing Services? Look to the Cloud
Videoconferencing has made some great strides in recent years, with many companies beginning to see the value in curtailing at least some business travel in favor of connecting with a camera and a good quality Internet connection instead. A new report from Global Industry Analysts (GIA), meanwhile, shows just how far this market has come, and takes a closer look at one of the major points driving these gains: cloud videoconferencing.

Conferencing Week in Review: Schools, Hospitals and Banks
The word "conferencing" is a distant relative of the Latin conferre, meaning "bring together." Modern conferencing is all about using technology to globally connect people for business, pleasure and more, and as the headlines from this week show, just about everyone is on board with videoconferencing. It's time for the Week in Review!

Not Just In Schools: Telecommuting Takes Down the Snow Day
Recently, we saw how technology was working to make school snow days a thing of the past. Now businesses are getting in on the act.

Australia's Financial Sectors Tout the Benefits of Videoconferencing
Two things that seem to have left no corner of the world untouched are Cisco and videoconferencing. Australia, which was just in the news when Cisco announced plans to extend its IoT services to the Outback, has been making headlines on both fronts. Today, the land Down Under is once again in the spotlight, this time for its use of videoconferencing in financial sectors.

Videoconferencing Project in Scotland Instrumental to Improving Pediatric Healthcare
Many parents tend to err on the side of caution when it comes to their little ones needing medical care. However, this has become a problem in Scotland, where the country's public hospitals are being burdened by nervous parents bringing their little ones in, often unnecessarily, for emergency treatment.

Distance Learning Technology Steps Up Schooling Around the World
Distance learning may have been around for quite some time, but the exact means of accomplishing it has changed almost as rapidly as the technology involved has. A new report from "NewsLI" offered a new look at distance learning technology, and how it's impacting educational systems across the planet.

The Value of Video Translation in Hospitals
While the concept of the universal translator might have been an idea so far-fetched it only existed in the mind of Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek, today it is slowly but surely becoming a reality. Microsoft is now offering real-time Spanish translation on Skype, and Google Translate is going to provide instant translation for many popular languages. Even though machines will eventually be smart enough to provide highly accurate translations, we still need human translators to capture many of th…

Conferencing Week in Review: Highfive, Revolabs, Array Telepresence, More
The conferencing space continued to expand this past week, and we have all the highlights!

Array Telepresence Equal-i System Makes Big
All around the world, businesses are discovering the value of conferencing and telepresence systems. Allowing staff to more readily intermingle with colleagues and customers alike, without a large portion of the expense that such moves can entail, telepresence and conferencing can be useful tools in a business' lineup. But a new such tool from Array Telepresence recently got its debut, and it's looking to kick things up a notch in the field.

Five Ways to Ensure Engagement During Your Next Conference Call
Trying to get everyone to participate during a conference call can be tricky. Often times there are individuals who never speak up and you almost have to prod them to say anything, even when they have something helpful to add to the conversation. In order to correct this, you need to utilize the five methods below to ensure engagement during your next conference call.

Revolabs Unveils FLX UC 1000 IP Conference Phone
Clutter is one of the major things that can have a profound effect on productivity. If you have to rely on various pieces of equipment just to accomplish one task, not only will it take longer to achieve, there is also the possibility that you will postpone it as long as possible. In a way, phone systems fall under this category.

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Basic Principles of Audio
Design in Conferencing

Basic Principles of Audio Design in Conferencing

The challenging duty of the sales person, engineer, or consultant, is to use scientific knowledge and previous practice to try to create a pleasant experience for all end users.

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How often have you had a teleconference where—because of audio-related issues—you had difficulty in conducting an important meeting? Or in some cases, not even being able to make a clear connection at all? Curtiss Singleton, Director of Sales for the Americas at Revolabs, Inc., discusses conferencing solutions that not only provide unmatched audio quality, but ones that also “cut the cord”—giving you the freedom to move around the workspace. Doug Green, Publisher of Telecom Reseller, speaks with JP Carney, President and CEO of Revolabs, about the company, the importance of audio quality in UC, the compatibility of their products with various UC platforms, and their acquisition by Yamaha after one year. They discuss how clear audio for teleconferencing is the core element of true collaboration.

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