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Firefox's Free In-Browser Video Client Could Pose a Threat to Skype
The popular Internet browser Firefox is stepping up its game with a new browser-based video platform that could give services like Skype and Viber a run for their money.

Frost & Sullivan Forecasts EU Conferencing Market to Reach $2.58 Billion in 2019
The videoconferencing landscape is undergoing dramatic changes as organizations continue to opt for low-cost alternatives that are providing feature-rich solutions that can be accessed by companies of virtually any size.

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Improves Stroke Diagnosis with TeleNet:Stroke
The new TeleNet:Stroke service launched by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) looks to reduce the damage caused by strokes by providing treatment as soon as possible.

Radisys Corporation's MPX-12000 Selected by Zoom Video Communications
Radisys Corporation, a company that provides wireless infrastructure solutions, recently announced that Zoom Video Communications, a cloud meeting company, has selected its MPX-12000 Broadband Media Resource Function (MRF) for HD media processing.

Suitable Technologies Joins Hands with Orange
Suitable Technologies Inc. recently announced that the company, along with its French partner Awabot, has joined hands with Orange SA, a company that provides telecommunication solutions.

Conferencing Week in Review: Conference Room Makeover
Conferencing is not what it was ten or even five years ago. New technology is quickly reshaping the conferencing experience and in doing so, is making enterprise collaboration easier and far more effective. Let's see what was in the news this week, it's week in review time!

Highfive Debuts New Cloud-Based Video Conferencing System
Small to medium sized businesses looking for an affordable video conferencing solution with exceptional features now have an option. Highfive's cloud-based video conferencing suite makes video conferencing easier and more cost-effective.

Worldwide Market Forecasts for HD Voice Market to Hit $2.29 Billion by 2019
With so many organizations using conferencing technology to communicate with their employees as well as customers and partners using voice, the quality is becoming increasingly more important.

Fort Collins Detention Center Finalizing Cloud-based Video Visitation System
According to a report released by the Prison Policy Initiative (PPI), a criminal-justice research and advocacy group, in March of this year the United States had around 2.4 million people locked up, with 1.36 million in state prisons. As the prison population continues to increase, the system that is in place is integrating new technologies to manage resources more effectively while at the same time generating opportunities for revenue.

Highfive Introduces a Low-Cost Video Conferencing Solution
Video conferencing solutions was only used by large organizations who could afford the expensive hardware and maintenance associated with the technology. However, today affordable systems with an impressive list of features costing less than $1,000 are available in the market place. As the price point continues to decrease, more businesses are using video conferencing to save costs on travel, collaborate with partners and engage employees. Highfive has announced a new cloud video conferencing se…

Electronic Signatures Now Available with Adobe Connect Using EchoSign
Adobe has introduced new options that should go a long way in lowering the use of paper with the integration of EchoSign, the company's electronic signature solution, developed by eSync Training.

The Conferencing Zone Week in Review: Product Proving Ground
Conferencing, in voice and video alike, offers a terrific proposition to businesses as a means to both save money and bolster opportunity. But reducing business travel and opening up mobile workforce possibilities doesn't happen in isolation; it requires products to bring the power of conferencing into our very hands. This week proved no slouch in new products, and with a weekend at hand, we've got a great time afoot to take a look at the biggest developments in conferencing products with our We…

Secure On-Premise Web Conferencing now Possible with OmniJoin Private Cloud
With Web and video conferencing solutions making it to the center page, there is a tussle as companies compete with each other to sell their wares. Brother International Corporation joins the bustle with its OmniJoin Private Cloud, a secure, on-premise conferencing solution that can be implemented without making a large upfront investment in expensive new hardware.

Centerprise Introduces Mix Connect to Improve Lack of Video Conferencing in the UK
Almost half of business leaders in the U.K. do not use video conferencing, according to tech supplier Centerprise International. The IT service provider and distributor conducted a survey of business leaders and found that half of all respondents do not current use the technology. Twenty-nine percent have tried video conferencing before, yet don't currently use it, while 21 percent of haven't attempted it at all. Centerprise believes this is due to a negative experience with previous versions. O…

TrueConf makes Video Conferencing Easier for Android Users
Mobility has altered the notion of fixed videoconference and telepresence rooms. This, coupled with the current ability to have content on any device, anywhere - has allowed mobile video conferencing to come of age.

Blue Jeans is Making Videoconferencing More Accessible to All
The number of employees working remotely is on the rise, mobile devices are increasing, and BYOD is becoming more and more widespread in the workplace; hence the expectation for companies to participate in video conferences anywhere, anytime and on any device is slowly becoming the norm. In an effort to level the playing field for people with a range of disabilities, Blue Jeans has added new features to its video conferencing services.

Conferencing Week in Review: Uses Across the Spectrum
The uses of conferencing technology are ever-expanding as its benefits are many-and industries across the spectrum are realizing just how valuable this burgeoning technology is. Let's take a look at the week that was in conferencing, it's time for the week in review!

Blue Jeans Network Makes Video Conferencing Accessible to Customers with Disabilities
People with disabilities often have problems using the latest gadgets and technologies. There are very few technologies that have been designed keeping them in mind and hence, they are often at a disadvantage when exploiting modern technology.

Telecommuting Gives Video Conferencing Wings
Telecommuting and virtual workforces are becoming hallmarks of the modern workplace. And no wonder: it's a movement that allows companies to recruit talent from outside their geographic footprint, reduce office and physical overhead costs, and improve employee satisfaction by offering more flexibility. But all too often telecommuters feel cut off or isolated from the company community, or have trouble implementing true collaboration. Video conferencing is increasingly emerging as a solution to t…

Telcom & Data Unveils the Revolabs FLX Conference Phone
Telcom & Data is a company that has been providing thousands of telecommunication solutions to organizations around the world. Recently, the firm launched the new Revolabs FLX conference phone.

Using Video Conferencing for Patient Consultation
The healthcare industry is going through a period of transition as it adopts many of the mandates the Affordable Care Act requires of healthcare providers. Besides introducing millions of new patients into the healthcare system, the Act also demands the industry to start implementing different technologies in order to introduce more efficiency and cost cutting measures. Telemedicine is seen as one of the technologies that can easily be integrated with existing technology already being used by co…

Conferencing Week in Review: Latin America Bound
With the dispersion of employees, clients and prospective clients around the globe the use of conferencing technology is more important than ever-and the news this week certainly reflects its expanded use. Yes, it's that time again; it's the week in review!

Latin American Video Conferencing Poised to Grow 21.9% by 2020
New research has revealed the video conferencing market in Latin America is set to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.9 percent for the next seven years.

Command Center from Blue Jeans Network to Offer More Visibility for Video Conferencing
Video conferencing technology is being used by more organizations as the platform becomes readily available with price points virtually all businesses can afford.

Latin America: The Next Big Market for Hosted Conferencing Services?
It appears that Latin America may become the next hot market for hosted conferencing services, despite the fact that the region has traditionally been dominated by on-premises solutions. Better and faster Internet services in the region alongside an increased general knowledge of how advanced collaboration tools assist business practices has led to an increased demand for hosted conferencing services, which have been proven to reduce costs and increase productivity.

TrueConf Becomes RUSSOFT Member, Set to Advocate for Domestic IT Developers
Government patronization can go a long way to improve the health of any domestic industry. RUSSOFT was born with the goal of tapping government support for Russia's IT industry. An active lobbyist in the Russian government, RUSSOFT demands for better taxation and educational reforms in science and technologies. It also works toward garnering government support for international marketing of indigenous IT products and services.

Conferencing Week in Review: From Boardrooms to Extreme Team-Building
Blue Jeans and Tely Labs are working together on new video conferencing solutions that will include both cloud-based as well as on premises offerings. "With Blue Jeans for Tely, you can connect your conference rooms with the people who can't be in them, making it possible to collaborate face-to-face with many more colleagues, customers, and partners. Thanks to Blue Jeans and Tely Labs, businesses don't have to be big or spend big to experience the big value of face-to-face collaboration" proclai…

Blue Jeans Collaborates with Tely Labs for Building Affordable Video Cloud Conferencing Systems
Blue Jeans Network, a provider of interoperable cloud-based video collaboration services, is working with Tely Labs, a provider of affordable of video conferencing systems, in order to design and develop a new video collaboration tool that caters to the requirement of small and medium businesses.

Remote Job Interviews Driving Videoconferencing Boom in HR
A new report from has uncovered that it's now common practice for human resources officials to look to videoconferencing tools to conduct interviews.

UberConference Eliminates Annoying Experiences from Conferencing
Craig Walker, founder and CEO of UberConference, can off the top of his head name several annoying things found in conference calling.

Pakistan's Influential Trade and Commerce Body Adopts Video Conferencing to Boost Overseas Business
From healthcare to entertainment and from parenting to commerce, video conferencing is being used as a useful tool to keep people connected to one another. In an effort to take the advantage of this technology, Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI), has recently launched the video conferencing facility at its premises. According to a recent article, LCCI is Pakistan's first chamber of commerce to implement video conferencing solution.

Award Winning UK Hotel's Conferencing Package Loaded with Extreme Team Building Activities
Conferences need not necessarily be white collar, boring events. With little imagination, event organizers can turn corporate conferences into fun, enjoyable events. With the attendees taking part in and enjoying together an array of fun activities, the conferences truly become the platform for mingling and bonding with the fellow team members. Nobody knows this better than U.K.-based QHotels chain, which has years of experiences in the conference sector.

Video Conferencing Service Adds Whole-room Support
A provider of video communications services announced this past week that it has extended its service beyond smartphones and desktops to include huddle spaces and conference rooms.

Conferencing Week in Review: Making the World a Smaller Place
The Conferencing Zone, like every week, had no shortage of news this week. Time to take a look, and see what happened during the week that was: It's time for the week in review!

Baby Boomers More Interested in Managing Health using Mobile Technology
According to the AARP, in 2011 the first of the baby boom generation (born 1946-1964) reached the retirement age, and for the next 15 years 8,000 of them will be turning 65 every single day. This will dramatically impact the economic situation in the United States because there will be less people working as the numbers continue to increase. For the boomers, it means having to navigate an increasingly ambiguous future as the fate of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid as well as other social …

Blue Jeans Web Conferencing Service Brings Educational Opportunities to the Classroom
Video conferencing in the classroom is showing, in many ways, how it can benefit children's learning. For teachers, it is a means for providing distance learning and economical ways to expand existing programs, offer new courses, and make learning more interactive and fun for students. In essence, video conferencing in the classroom benefits everyone.

Hospital Opens Medical Education Video Conference Room
Dalhousie University is one of Canada's oldest public research institutions established as a nonsectarian college in 1818. The university offers 180 degree programs in twelve undergraduate, graduate, and professional faculties across many different disciplines. As the institution continues to educate students in Canada, it is deploying new technologies to reach as many people as possible. A new collaboration between Dalhousie and the Colchester East Hants Health Authority (CEHHA) is going to be …

VA Set to Use Video Conferencing
Today, the Department of Veterans Affairs is optimistic that recent efforts in reducing the size of the disability claims backlog will successfully reduce wait time for claimants. A new initiative also promises to help veterans with their appeals: the implementation of video conferencing and telepresence. Veterans can now attend appeal hearings via video conferencing sessions; this is great for those being treated at a VA hospital or for financially strapped veterans who cannot afford to travel,…

What Companies Can Learn From Metropolitan Bank's Use of Video Conferencing
Most importantly, if your company is going to go through the process of installing video conferencing software and setting up the infrastructure for it, you need to actually utilize the software.

Conferencing Week in Review: Choose Your Solution Wisely
Conferencing tools are widely used for business collaboration; as such the space is constantly growing and evolving - making conferencing solutions necessary for a successful business. This week in conferencing there was no shortage of news, so get comfortable, it's Week in Review time!

Videoconferencing Hardware Vendors Shifting Gears, Embracing Software
Recent news suggests that the videoconferencing market is seeing both increased interest in software and video management technologies alongside a multi-year slide in revenue. This mix of fortunes is causing some veteran vendors to reconsider their positions in the market to try to keep pace with startups that are making headway with software-based approaches.

Finding the Right Video Conferencing Solution for Your Organization
In the past, the implementation of video conferencing technology was primarily put in place in order to cut costs as organizations continued to expand operations. With the development of the Internet, mobile and cloud services, the right video conferencing strategy has to include not only cost-cutting measures, but also strategies to grow the business using this platform and the new available technologies. So finding the right video conferencing system requires companies to consider many differe…

Start with the Most in Video Conferencing
There's little doubt that video conferencing offers some impressive value for a business. From keeping its employees more connected to allowing said employees to connect to offsite colleagues and beyond-not to mention the sheer potential savings posed by a replacement for at least some business travel-there are plenty of reasons to consider bringing this tool into normal operations.

Survey: Global Videoconferencing Revenue Fell by Nine Percent in Q2
The videoconferencing market is undergoing a revolution of sorts as new technology now makes it possible for businesses and individuals to communicate using video without expensive equipment.

Conferencing Week in Review
Check back during the week to keep up with all the comings and goings in this always fluid, and never dull space. See you next week!

Upgrade Announced to Videophone for the Hearing Impaired
The hearing-impaired community will now have access to a more improved communication experience with Purple Communication's newest version of its SmartVP videophone.

Verizon's Advanced Calling 1.0 to Bring HD Voice, Video Calling
It was only a couple of years ago when AT&T's Randall Stephenson advanced the idea that, one day, mobile providers would no long offer voice service, but only offer data plans. The idea had some merit, allowing network providers to consolidate systems and only offer one kind of traffic, but there were some issues involved in getting such a program out, like the fact that people did occasionally want to make voice calls. But we may be closer to such a development, thanks to Verizon, who will be b…

ZTE Inks New Partnership Agreement with Blue Jeans Network
Blue Jeans Network has made it possible for people to connect with video conferencing across variety of programs and tools, including Skype and Lync. The company's real time video sharing allows meeting participants to easily play stored video files such as movies, trailers, commercials, product vignettes, or training videos, in real-time, across all desktop, mobile, and conference room platforms in a meeting.

60 Percent of Companies Prefer Videoconferencing to Face-to-Face Meetings
Globalization has dispersed the workforces of many organizations to countries around the world. With companies establishing branches throughout developed and developing countries, traditional face-to-face meetings are no longer feasible for the vast majority of businesses. A YouGov survey carried out on behalf of RingCentral UK has revealed just as much, with 60 percent of companies surveyed stating that they preferred videoconferencing over face-to-face meetings.

Why Telecommuting Benefits the Employer and the Employee
Telecommuting has its supporters and detractors, with each strongly arguing the advantages and disadvantages of having flexible work location initiatives. As with every decision a business makes, it is based on how it can benefit the company in order to improve the overall operations of the organization, and a policy that is fantastic for one could be disastrous for another.

Conferencing Week in Review
Conferencing brings business together by offering collaboration and open communication regardless of geography. There is never a shortage of news in the Conferencing Zone, so let's get to it!

Web-based Video Archiving Solution Lowers Costs
An archiving workflow solutions company has announced that its newest client, a post-production video services company, will be able to benefit from its Web-based interface, archiving, and data search capabilities.

Research Company Makes New Analysis of Enterprise Video Market
With the abundance of bandwidth that many countries around the world have, we're all looking for better ways to communicate that we may have not have been able to afford in the past.

RingCentral Meetings Scores INTERNET TELEPHONY TMC Labs Innovation Award
Honored for exceptional innovation, RingCentral has been awarded a 2014 INTERNET TELEPHONY TMC Labs Innovation Award for its RingCentral Meetings product.

Surge in Mobile Workforce and Proliferation of Smartphones Fueling Growth in Global UC Market
Interestingly, hosted unified communications solutions are likely to overtake their on premise siblings in popularity. The reasons are obvious: the installation and maintenance costs associated with hosted solutions are lot cheaper than the premise-based UC solutions.

Conferencing Week in Review
While the summer is inching to end, we are just getting started with what can be done in the conferencing space. Let's take a look at the week that was in conferencing!

Video Conferencing Technology Provides Career Training for Arizona Students in Remote Areas
Video-conferencing technology is rapidly expanding in educational settings for students from elementary school to college. In particular, school districts are implementing video conferencing to expand services to students in remote areas, offering opportunities that were previously logistically challenging as well as cost prohibitive.

The Digital Oilfield Market to Grow by Forty Percent
Research and Markets unveiled the listing of a new report titled, "Global Oilfield Communications (Upstream and Midstream, Unified, M2M, Video Conferencing, WiMax, VSAT, Onshore and Offshore) Market - Forecast to 2019", which estimates the oilfield communications market will reach $3.18 Billion by 2019.

Video Conferencing Developer Releases New Whole-room System
Video conferencing products are taking the business world by storm, and one group of engineers that was once part of a prominent video communications development company has launched a new product that will address conferencing across all manner of devices.

Video Conferencing Developer Allows More Free Conference Participants
As video conferencing becomes more prominent through the business and consumer sectors, organization and individuals are always looking for the most cost-effective ways to communicate in groups. Among its sea of competitors, now one video conferencing software developer has released its restrictions on how many people can connect through its program at a single time.

Christmas Island Immigrants Receive Video Conference Medical Care
Christmas Island, an Australian territory in the Indian Ocean, has recently come into the news for allegations against immigration detention services that are reportedly providing sub-par medical care. To combat this state of affairs, doctors on the mainland of Australia are using video conferencing to provide patients with care via remote video links.

ZoomPresence Introduced to Conference Rooms
Zoom, the cloud meeting company, has introduced ZoomPresence, the easiest and most affordable way to transform your conference room into a video and collaboration space.

HD Video Conferencing Adoption still not Fast Enough
In the video conferencing world, there is a trend of people and companies who might be settling for technology that isn't really doing them justice. The same is true, ten-fold when talking about federal and state government and the offerings they use when talking about video conferencing. The fact of the matter is the government would be better served if they were using top of the line equipment and technology.

Harsul Prison in India Adds New Conference Room for Under Trials
The Times of India newspaper recently published a report stating that the Aurangabad Central Jail 'Harsul', in India, which is currently accommodating around 1,600 inmates, will soon add a video conferencing room for the under trials.

Conferencing Week in Review
It is that time again, refill your cup of coffee; sit back, relax, let's enjoy the week that was in conferencing news!

Blue Jeans Network Ranked as a Leader by Forrester
Blue Jeans Network has announced that the company has been named a "leader" by analyst firm, Forrester Research, in a recent video conferencing report. The report looks at important OEMs in the videoconferencing infrastructure and cloud services.

yWorld Launches Advanced Video Conferencing Platform
yWorld, a new Vancouver based tech company, recently introduced an advanced state-of-the-art video conferencing platform.

Lifesize Launches New Video Conferencing Service, Lifesize Cloud
Cloud-based unified communications offer businesses a wealth of tools for collaboration, and Lifesize has met the demand with the launch of their newest video service according to Business Standard, Lifesize Cloud.

Apple Acquires Video-Conferencing Patent
Video conferencing has risen in the ranks as a means communicating on both personal and professional levels; and with potential new technology from Apple, the process may become quicker and better than ever.

Vidyo Offers VidyoDesktop VE: A Scalable, Multi-PointHDVideo Solution
Vidyo has announced VidyoDesktop Virtual Edition (VE), a powerful video conferencing desktop client designed specifically for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environments.

Conferencing Week in Review
The Conferencing Zone is never short on news, and this week was no exception. With the week's end in sight, you know what time it is, that's right; it's the Week in Review!

New Teleconferencing Choice Offers WebRTC Option
Teleconferencing is an economical, efficient and technologically impressive way to have a business meeting, and now there are some new approaches that make this option even more impressive.

InterCall and Esna, the New Power Couple of Real-Time
This week, Esna Technologies announced a partnership with InterCall. Esna will benefit greatly from InterCall's experience with Cisco's Jabber and WebEx Web conferencing solutions. The combination affords users the ability to seamlessly work within various cloud applications without the need to install additional software.

Video Conferencing Can Positively Impact Education
Though there is often talk about how video conferencing is becoming a necessity for many businesses, the business of education is sometimes swept under the rug concerning how video can impact the lives of teachers, staff, and, most importantly, students.

8x8 Solutions Announces New London Office
To meet the growing demand for cloud-based communications throughout the U.K., 8x8 Solutions, the U.K./European arm of 8x8, Inc., has announced its new London office.

Video Conferencing: Got Chromebox?
'Just Google it' has become part of generally understood vernacular; even Grandma who doesn't know who Miley Cyrus is knows what Google does-finds things. It will always be a customer-facing search engine, but additionally it appears Google is making a large effort to be more business friendly-in particular, by updating its Chromebox for Meetings video conferencing system. It's not that Google applications aren't currently business friendly, but Gmail and Drive were not designed for commercial u…

Conferencing Week in Review
It has been a popular week for The Conferencing Zone, so let's take a look at what you missed this week in the world of conferencing.

HUAWEI MAX PRESENCE: A Game Changer for Command Centers?
Star Trek may be fiction, and the starship Enterprise, complete with chrome panels, computer stations, flashing lights and Captain Kirk's chair, may be imaginary, but the concept of a command center is very real and of great import. Be it a traffic management or disaster management- nothing can be handled successfully without coordination that originates and ends with such a center. In keeping with evolving industry needs, HUAWEI MAX Presence has reportedly introduced a next-generation command c…

Communication Game Changer: Skype Translator
Skype is rolling out a new feature that has the ability to change the way people communicate globally. According to Microsoft's CEO, Satya Nadella, the "Skype Translator" will have the ability to facilitate video conferencing between two individuals speaking completely different languages.

Huawei Successfully Raises the Bar for Video Conferencing Products
As the practice of holding video conferencing meetings (as opposed to physically traveling) takes on greater importance, the stakes in this nascent technology are getting higher. Companies are beginning to see the benefits of keeping staffers close to home and holding meetings down the hall instead of across the country, and are willing to invest in the technology to make it possible.

Engage Employees for Better Virtual Meetings
Both employees and managers are witnessing a sea change. Instead of attending and conducting meetings in person, they are attending and conducting through their mobile devices and workstations. How, then, do managers -- or any team leaders for that matter -- keep their constituents engaged when they cannot look them directly in the eyes?

AVST Wins New Technology Contract from State of Ohio
For more than 30 years, Applied Voice & Speech Technologies, Inc. (AVST) has delivered its CX-E communications platform to 1,400 federal, state and local government entities, and more than 1,100 educational institutions. The company's CX-E's productivity-enhancing applications include unified messaging, speech recognition, context-aware personal assistant, mobile client, automated attendant, call processing, voicemail, fax, notification, and other business process integration capabilities.

Video Conferencing Expected to Be Preferred Communication Method in Two Years
When it comes to video conferencing technology taking over the business world as the preferred method of communication, the prevailing question is not if, but when it will happen. This is good news for an industry that experienced some decline in 2012 and 2013. According to e-Week, Q4 2013 sales for video conferencing equipment declined 17.9 percent from Q4 2012.

Conferencing Week in Review
Conferencing experienced no shortage of news this week, let's take a lap around the track and see what we missed from the week that was in The Conferencing Zone.

Fresh Round of Funding Will Help Vidyo to Bring Video Communication to IoT
According to a recent CIOL Bureau report, Vidyo, a venture backed startup in the visual communication technology space, has amassed $20 million funds from existing investors, bringing the total capital to an impressive $139 million.

Comings & Goings: Jenne Inc. Hires New Senior Director of Cloud Solutions and Product Management
Jenne Inc., a distributor of IP telephony, audio and video conferencing, unified communications, data networking and security and surveillance products, has announced a new addition to their team. Patrick Howard, an experienced sales and vendor management executive, has been hired by Jenne Inc. as their new senior director of cloud solutions and product management.

Lane End Conference Centre Now Equipped with LCD Data Projection Systems
Lands End Conference Centre has improvised its conference room by adding new state-of-the-art LCD data projection systems.

Video Conferencing: The Key to Teamwork
Non-verbal communication is often overlooked for the extremely important role it plays in a discussion. Face-to-face interaction is the most direct way to communicate ideas, but in today's society it is more often than not impractical.

Conferencing Week in Review
The Conferencing Zone did its fair share of reporting this week; the news was fast and furious in the conferencing space. It's time once again, to do a lap around the block and do the Week in Review.

Cablevision Enters the Managed Video Conferencing Space with the Expansion of Its Lightpath Offering
Lightpath, a division of Cablevision Systems Corporation, recently announced the launch of its hosted video conferencing service under its flagship Lightpath line of managed services.

Poland and CIS View Videoconference Integration Differently
Videoconferencing enterprises TrueConf and Garets Sp z o.o. recently conducted a survey of workers living within Poland and Commonwealth of Independent States to determine their views on the usage of videoconferencing software and hardware. Overall, they found that Polish workers are accustomed to using videoconferencing inside meeting rooms while their CIS counterparts are accustomed to using it as a personal workspace communication tool.

Blue Jeans Debuts New Customer Community
Blue Jeans Network, a provider of cloud-based conferencing services, is all set to enhance user experience and bring its customers together to share their ideas and solve problems.

More Schools Using Video Conferencing To Make Learning Easier
In this age of advanced telecommunication, video conferencing has become a powerful medium of classroom teaching. For the new age, tablet-using students, video-conferencing technology has become the means to connect to real-world use cases.

Conferencing Week in Review
There was no shortage of news in The Conferencing Zone even though it was a short week. Let's take a look at some of the major happenings this week.

2014 Nemertes PilotHouse Top Provider Named for Video Conferencing
Avaya, a provider of business collaboration and communications solutions, recently announced that it has been named 2014 Nemertes PilotHouse Top Provider for Video Conferencing for the enterprise.

Businesses Turn to PBX and Video Phones to Lower Costs
Video conferencing is becoming an integral part of many businesses' daily operations. Staff members need to keep in touch with one another, working groups need to converse with managers, and chief officers need to remain connected with employees and managers at all business levels. Virtual meetings, made possible with video conferencing technology, allow such groups and individuals to complete work smoothly and efficiently.

Riverside County to Add New Jail in 2017: Use Video Conferencing Instead of In-Person Visits
In an effort to ease inmate overcrowding, Riverside County, Calif. plans to build a new jail in Indio that is scheduled to open in 2017. Known as the East County Detention Center (ECDC), the new facility will house over 1,200 inmates and use video conferencing in place of in-person visits.

Study Finds Videoconferencing in Healthcare Lowers Stress for Pediatric Patients
Video conferencing has become the tool of choice in many business practices to bridge the distance gap when travel is not an option, impractical or not desired; it allows users to carry out live, real-time meetings or engage in any other type of online activity where face-to-face interaction is essential. Today, videoconferencing is driving business growth, and is an important element for those that want to save on costs and enhance productivity; it brings a valuable solution in the business wor…

Yamaha Takes Your Conferencing to the Next Level with the YVC-1000
In a market where companies want to eliminate unnecessary travel yet still promote the value of collaboration, conferencing plays an important role.

Video Conferencing Can Enhance Medical Practices
Even for the most seasoned professionals, conducting the operations of a medical practice can be taxing. As a recent blog post at Telepresence Options points out, there are a host of regulations practitioners must follow, and the pressure does not end there. Doctors must worry, on top of everything else, about keeping the lights on and, if they are lucky, turning a profit. After doctors cope with the stress of managing a practice, how do they remember that the top concern for any medical practic…

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