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Videoconferencing Gets Educational
Those in the business world know the full value of videoconferencing in terms of speed, accessibility and cost savings. Now it seems that those in the education field are learning as well. A report out of Alaska notes that a local school board will use federal grant money to add videoconferencing capabilities to its communications efforts.

'Huddle Rooms' Set To Spur Growth of Small Space Video Conferencing Systems
Many companies are splashing out on technology to build "huddle rooms," or small spaces that are equipped with audio, video and display system technology to facilitate group videoconferencing to collaborate.

Cisco Will Pay $700 Million for Acano
On Friday, November 20, 2015, Cisco announced its plans to acquire a company whose goal is "to change group communication." The company, Acano, is known for its collaboration software. The company's goal is to give everyone the ability to meet and collaborate using their preferred device creating an easy user experience.

The Conferencing Zone Week in Review: Revolabs, Tely and UberConference
At The Conferencing Zone, we bring you the breaking news from the conferencing industry, supplemented with business analysis, speculation, and expert commentary. This week we reported on three big moves in the industry, and then we capped the week off with some suggestions for holiday altruism.

Revolabs Eases On-site Buying with Help from Indix
The buy button feature empowers organizations to build applications such as curated e-commerce storefronts, customized product search and personalized product catalogs that help drive intelligent product marketing and sales growth.

Tely Brings Video Conferencing to the Huddle Space
Are you video conferencing? Perhaps your company occasionally employs video conferencing for special board meetings, or it's limited to senior executives only. Maybe that's because up until now, it's been too expensive or difficult to deploy. That may have been true when dealing with antiquated legacy systems, but not so today.

UberConference Integrates HipChat and Slack
Switch Communications recently announced how one of its proprietary ventures, UberConference, has added integrations to its already innovative Web conferencing platform.

4 Ways To Use Video Conferencing to Support A Community Cause This Holiday Season
For a variety of organizations - from retailers, to grocery stores, to numerous corporate offices - the holiday season represents the peak time of year for giving back to the community. In fact, 38% of people who donate to charity said they are more likely to do so during the holiday season. And, believe it or not, 50% of consumers who were surveyed worldwide said they would be willing to pay more for goods and services from socially responsible companies.

Land Lines Aren't Dead, According to Baidu
Baidu Communications has announced the "Baidu Me!" conferencing service, allowing people to call into both Skype and Google Talk conferences over the phone.

Revolabs to Present to Movers and Shakers at UC Summit
UCStrategies will be holding its annual UC Summit November 15-18 at the Estancia Hotel and Spa in La Jolla, Calif., an event designed to give people in the Unified Communications industry a chance to hear the latest events in UC and meet other influential players.

Polycom Exec Dishes on RealPresence
Polycom last month had the largest, and what Jim Kruger, chief marketing officer and EVP told me was the most successful launch in the history of the company. That included the unveiling of three new RealPresence products - which Polycom introduced during a 25-year company anniversary celebration that drew 5000 webcast and about 1,000 in-person participants.
11/10/2015 Expands HD Audio Calling to 57 Countries has just expanded the international reach of its service. The company now serves 57 countries around the world, with presence in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas.

MediaPlatform Makes Videoconference Session Recording Easier with SmartBridge
MediaPlatform has announced the release of SmartBridge, a new SIP videoconferencing gateway. SmartBridge is a video stream transcoding engine that supports a variety of video inputs and translates them into video outputs.

The Conferencing Zone Week in Review: Revolabs, Yamaha Music, and More
The Conferencing Zone strives to keep our readers aware of conferencing's major market trends, technological innovations, and industry news. This week, we broke two international stories - one from Panama, the other from India - and columnist Mae Kowalke unpacked the challenges that businesses face.

Business Videoconferencing Grows, Along With its Challenges
The number of mobile workers is on the rise, and video definitely is aiding the process. But there still are challenges for businesses that use video to bridge the distance gap among employees.

Conferencing Giant Selects New, Wide-Ranging Regional Partner
It's pretty much a given in the U.S. business world these days that conferencing is the 'new thing' that companies are embracing. Given the time savings and reduced costs that come with conferencing - as opposed to jumping on a plane for a face-to-face meeting - it's no wonder that more and more in the enterprise are jumping aboard.

Making Sense of VoIP Call-Quality Differences
While most of us grew up with there being no distinguishable difference in the quality of calls, that's no longer the case with VoIP and videoconferencing-there's a huge difference between providers and connections sometimes.

Videoconferencing in Indian Prisons Connects Inmates to Families, Medical Care
A videoconferencing facility in prisons in the Indian state of Maharashtra will be used for conducting trials, allowing prisoners to meet with family members, and getting prisoners medical treatment, according to The Indian Express.

Conferencing Week in Review: Vivid Solutions, InFocus, and Your Bottom Line
Here at The Conferencing Zone, we deliver the most important conferencing industry news every week. This week, we saw the medical conferencing community deliver healthcare to a remote section of the world; we reported on two exciting new products that take advantage of the wide leaps in videoconferencing technology; we even compiled a profile of the often-overlooked benefits of videoconferencing, in case any of our readers still need convincing.

Remote NZ Islands Receive Telemedicine Access
People in the Chatham Islands off the coast of New Zealand now have videoconferencing access to doctors, according to Computerworld.

InFocus Introduces Entry-Level Interactive Touchscreen Whiteboard
InFocus just launched the JTouch Whiteboard as the latest addition to its JTouch lineup of interactive touchscreen displays for classrooms, conference rooms and similar environments.

AnyMeeting Announces Enhanced Business App Integration Using Zapier
AnyMeeting has long been one of the best web conferencing and webinar services providers. In order to strengthen its hold on that market, the company has launched integration with more than 400 applications that are centered on the business world.

Here's How Videoconferencing Makes Winning Businesses
Videoconferencing has long been providing effective communication for businesses, and a recent report from the InSerbia Network Foundation offered a look at just how videoconferencing is helping turn some businesses into clear winners.

The Conferencing Zone Week in Review: Revolabs, Vaddio and Switch
Every week, The Conferencing Zone wants to bring you the most important industry news from the conferencing world. This week we saw a pledge from Revolabs to participate in a major industry event, two major new products from name players, as well as one company's move to the burgeoning Latin America.

Latin America to Benefit from Advanced Conferencing Features
While some of us tend to take technological advantages like conferencing for granted, it's worth noting that other regions of the world are just as keen to save time and money by doing the same.

Revolabs to Demonstrate New Lineup of Products
During the InfoComm Connections, which will be held in New York on Nov. 11-12, Revolabs will demonstrate its best in class VoIP, unified communications (UC) and conferencing products.

New USB Conferencing Camera Debuts
Employees are increasingly scattered across disparate locations yet are still subject to the same meetings and schedules as always, so it's important that conference rooms have a simple and flexible solution in place.

New Integration Solution Holds Promise for Conferencing
A new conferencing solution is designed to solve problems with a UI that lets attendees know who's speaking, facilitates collaboration, allows screen and document sharing, and is accessible through mobile apps.

Conferencing Week in Review: Revolabs, VoIP Ratings, and a Remote King
We saw two big, generally unexplored upsides to video conferencing this week. Writer Oliver VanDervoort outlined all the ways video conferencing makes your organization more planet-conscious while saving you money, and writer Steve Anderson took a look at the way video conferencing has revolutionized hospice care.

An Introduction to King Bansah, Lord of Hoeho via Skype
We all know Skype for Business, but an African king has been running an extended case study on Skype for Monarchy. Developmental chief of Shouthern Ghana's Hohoe regin, King Togbe Ngoryifia Cephas Kosi Bansah, reigns his 200,000 subjects remotely via Skype, and has ruled remotely since 1987.

How to Check VoIP Call Performance
MOS stands for Mean Opinion Score, and it is a five-point scale opinion score for rating VoIP transmission quality.

Video Conferencing Leads to Greener Businesses
In the current business climate, there are plenty of reasons for a firm to become greener. Video conferencing helps enterprises achieve that goal.

All-in-One Unified Communications Solution from Revolabs
Revolabs Inc. is a premier provider of audio solutions for unified communications, enterprise collaboration, and professional audio applications across a wide range of markets. The company proved that once again by unveiling its FLX UC 1500 IP conference phone.

Making Hospice Decisions a Bit Easier with Videoconferencing
A new study from the University of Missouri suggests that shared decision making between patients, family caregivers, and healthcare providers can be boosted by using videoconferencing.

Conferencing Week in Review: MeetingMogul, Revolabs, Vidyo
This week, The Conferencing Zone covered some impressive tech upgrades from brand names, almost all focused on making conferencing easier and less stressful. Catch up on the latest developments below.

Now Hear This: Echo-Canceling Conference Phones Arrive from Revolabs
It's been the curse of conference calls as long as there have been conference calls: echoes in the background that make it difficult - if not impossible - to clearly hear what's being said and respond appropriately. Now a new offering from Revolabs, a premier provider of audio solutions for unified communications, enterprise collaboration, and professional audio applications across a wide range of markets, has arrived to help ease that problem and make communicating easier.

Vidyo's 100th Patent Solidifies Company's Position as an Innovator
Vidyo recently announced that it had been awarded its 100th patent. The milestone comes nearly six years after the company's first patent and ten years after its establishment. Vidyo currently has 108 patents, reinforcing its claim as an innovator in the video communication industry.

MeetingMogul Announces Simple, One-Touch Conference Calling at ITEXPO
While we all know the value of conference calling at this point-many of us have been on at least one at some point and seen the kind of collaborative value it serves-trying to set one up can be, sometimes, challenging. Sometimes it can even be outright difficult depending on the system being used. But today, out at ITEXPO in Anaheim, Calif., MeetingMogul is set to make conference calls easier to use by making them easier to join.

Panasonic Announces New Service Program for High End Cameras
Panasonic recently announced the i-PRO Preferred Program. This program is geared to offer rather significant service enhancements and value additions to owners of the Panasonic cameras that fall under the policy.

Conferencing Week in Review: IDG, Revolabs, Vidyo
It's been quite the week for conferencing so far, and this technology that's providing both cost savings and better opportunities for profitability has made its share of gains as well. With these gains comes some confusion: how does all this fit into the grand scheme of things? That's the question we'll answer, now that the weekend has arrived, with our Week in Review coverage. So settle in, pour another cup of coffee, and brace yourself for a study in the week that was!

Report: Video Conferencing Fueling the Adoption of WebRTC Solutions
As most in the industry suspected, growth of the global WebRTC solution market is mainly driven by rising demand for real-time communications. Now that suspicion has been confirmed by a new report indicating that the rise of conferencing in the enterprise is also fueling WebRTC solutions growth as well.

Revolabs Preparing To Show Off Latest Innovation In Audio Tech
Revolabs, a leader in unified communications (UC) audio solutions, will be showing off its Executive Elite line of wireless microphone systems at the company's InfoComm MEA and the GITEX Technology Week. The company is also going to be demoing the full range of FLX(TM) UC conference phones and the Yamaha YVC-100 UC microphone and speaker system.

Professionalism is Just as Important During Conference Calls
In today's global society, where businesses operate in diversified regions and there is a steadily increasing mobile workforce, employees must turn to technology such as videoconferencing in order to effectively communicate. Videoconferencing is now one of the most relied-upon channels for business interactions, so it's important to know some basic rules of conduct.

Study: 93 Percent of Employees See Increased Productivity with UC
The benefits of UC are becoming clearer, and a new IDG survey commissioned by XO communications has revealed 93 percent of employees who use UC and unified communication and collaboration (UCC) tools increased productivity.

Conferencing Week in Review: RevoLabs,, Value Added Reseller
Conferencing, in recent months, has been on the rise as businesses seek better ways to not only keep in touch with other businesses but also employees, regardless of location.

Where's the Value in Value Added Reselling?
VARs have historically done very well in the industries that they've been a part of, as there is a built-in customer base and a low upfront cost in terms of sales.

Have You Optimized Your Conferencing Solutions? You Can
In our global economy, there are a number of reasons to support conferencing. It just needs to be made easier.

Five Steps to Conquering Videoconferences
Although many office managers know how to structure their in-person meetings - they may have been completing them for years - they still stumble when it comes to adding remote participants. Whether or not one or many employees attend through their laptops or phones from remote locations, their virtual presence can throw a whole meeting into disarray.

How to Choose the Right Partner Program for Profitability
When it comes to choosing a channel partner program, it's easy to focus in on the technology and brand-name elements when choosing what to add to one's portfolio.

Revolabs to Highlight Best-in-Class VoIP and Conferencing Products at SpiceWorld 2015
With so many experts in the industry that can influence the purchase of products and services in one location, Revolabs, provider of audio solutions for unified communications (UC), enterprise collaboration, and professional audio applications, announced it is going to be showcasing its entire line of audio-enhancing FLX UC IP and USB conference phones at the SpiceWorld 2015 IT Conference in Austin, Texas.

Conferencing Week in Review: Revolabs, Speakeasy, Cloud Conferencing and More
There's only one way for conferencing technology to go: forward. Near-universal adoption of collaboration tools for businesses of all sizes is imminent. And as conferencing technology continues to push along on this path of proliferation, The Conferencing Zone is your source for the most important news, features and analysis. Let's take at the big stories of the week in our week in review coverage.

Cloud-Based Video Conferencing Expecting Expansion
Take two of the hottest industries in technology today, combine them, and what do you get? Growth.

Speakeasy Adds New in-call Engagement Features to Enhance Conferencing Experience
Speakeasy, a company specializing in delivering conferencing solutions anywhere, announced the availability of new in-call engagement features along with seamless integration to customer relationship management (CRM) systems for sales professionals. By making these options available, the company now makes it possible to extend the value of conference calls across the enterprise.

Making the Connection for a Wireless Conferencing System
As more and more companies see the money and time saved by using conferencing systems, some are taking it to the next level: Going wireless. But before making that kind of leap, it makes sense to explore all the options available to you and getting the best system for your particular needs.

Revolabs Benefiting From Innovative UC Phone Product Line
Revolabs has long been thought of as one of the best companies in its field. Now it's been confirmed.

Conferencing Week in Review: Frost & Sullivan, Revolabs, More
Conferencing technology has long been in on the front lines of international business and communications, fueling globalization, and driving new and innovative ways for governments and companies in the private sector to maximize productivity. And as these collaboration tools continue to evolve, The Conferencing Zone continues to supply all the news, features and analysis that matter. Here's what we came up with this week.

Revolabs' Dean's List Program Makes Collaboration Technologies Affordable for Educational Institutions
One of the premier providers of audio solutions for unified communications (UC), enterprise collaboration, and professional audio applications, Revolabs, has introduced the Dean's List Discount Program, an initiative to give schools across all levels a discount for the purchase of qualifying products.

Frost & Sullivan Highlights the EMEA's Preference for Integrated Conferencing Solutions
With BYOD, cloud and wireless broadband now readily available in virtually every large city around the world, the ability to audio or video conference has become necessary. This has introduced many conferencing solutions in the marketplace, and according to a study by Frost & Sullivan, the Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) market favors integrated solutions over standalone products.

Need a Periscope to Measure Your Presentation's Impact?
Bland, boring presentations do little to get your point across. Today, in a world drowning in PowerPoint, presentations need to have an extra oomph in order to stand out from the standard slideshows that terrorize conference rooms on a daily basis. To do that, you need to make your passive spectators become active participants.

Video Conferencing: A Must in Today's Business World
There are businesses all over the world that are willing to swear up and down that video conferencing has played a major role in helping the companies hit new levels of success. Adoption rates when it comes to video conferencing solutions are picking up speed but there are still some companies that appear to be slow learners. Some of these companies simply don't understand the many ways in which a firm can benefit from this technology.

Conferencing Week in Review: Revolabs, Harman Kardon, P&S Market Research
What a week it was for conferencing! This rapidly-growing field that allows us all to make better connections regardless of where we are physically has given us lots of new opportunities, and plenty of news to consider besides. Now that we've got a long holiday weekend on hand, let's take a step back and consider the wider implications of all this news, a process made simpler with our Week in Review coverage!

Upcoming Report Reflects Massive Growth of UC Market
The movement toward unified communications (UC) was inevitable in today's globalized economy, where businesses need reliable internal communication channels.

Video Conferencing Isn't Just For In-House Communications: Extend it To Sales and Marketing Efforts
So you've invested in a video conferencing platform: it's great for allowing employees at remote offices to meet in a more personal way, or to conduct training sessions. That's probably why you invested in it in the first place. But videoconferencing, which is becoming more affordable and flexible, thanks to cloud-based solutions, can be much more than a visual, live interoffice memo. Many companies are finding creative ways to use it in their sales and marketing efforts.

Now Hear This: Best Practices for Boosting Conferencing ROI
The area of conferencing and collaboration-especially the type that's wrapped into unified communications initiatives-is seeing a fresh wave of investment as companies both large and small look to boost productivity and efficiency.

Calculating ROI for Telepresence: Easier Than You Might Think
Telepresence-a combination of high-definition audio, video and sometimes other interactive elements-represents an especially large ROI, depending on one's specific business needs.

Conferencing Week in Review: Cisco, CDW, Jenne Inc.
What a week it's been in the conferencing sector! As businesses catch on that there's an easy way to not only save money on business travel expenses but also gain more opportunity by better connecting the elements of the internal operation, conferencing makes huge strides. When you're making huge strides, though, it can be easy to get turned around, so with the coming of a weekend, it's time to settle in with one of the best roadmaps around, our Week in Review coverage!

CDW, 8x8 Partner to Deliver Optimized Telecommunications for MHM
MHM Services, Inc., a healthcare provider that serves inmates at correctional facilities around the country, recently made the decision to upgrade its Public Branch eXchange (PBX) hardware phone systems.

Inside Tips to Overcoming Conferencing Challenges
Too often, we believe that just because we can get the conferencing session into our day and everyone got the high points that we're getting things done to the best of our capability. Not quite.

Cisco Developing Video Compression Alternative to HEVC
According to video industry site, Cisco is working on a new video compression technology codenamed 'Thor'. The new codec is being promoted as an alternative to the royalty fees that come with high-efficiency video coding (HEVC) technology, which are 16 times more expensive than its predecessor.

Webcam Market Expected to See Significant Growth Over the Next Six Years
The variety of uses for webcams continues to grow, which is why all the research firms agree that by the year 2021 the webcam market could grow enough to reach the $15.2 billion mark.

Conferencing Week in Review: Video, Audio and Web Conferencing
Conferencing tech is an invaluable innovation that helps families, friends and coworkers stay in touch over great distances. In some cases, it eliminates the need for splitting up family and friends, by allowing employees to work for a company in one part of the world without having to relocate or regularly travel back and forth between cities, or even countries. The analysts in this industry are always trying to look ahead of the curve, not just for the sake of the technology, but for the sake …

The Ubiquity of Video Conferencing Means More Options for Businesses and Employees
The advent of the Internet, mobile devices and video conferencing software, now makes it possible for businesses of any size to use video as a way to communicate with their customers, partners, vendors and employees anytime

Planning to Purchase a Web Conferencing System? Here's What to Look for
When the decision to pull the trigger on a Web conferencing system has been made, it can be a heady moment. That business could be looking at huge savings and an even more efficient office. But what should one look out for when buying the new Web conferencing system? recently had a look at some points that might make a buy even better . . . or much worse, if ignored.

Audio Should Be Foremost for Conferencing Decisions
There are a huge number of components involved in designing a high-tech conference space, from logistics to location to video features. But don't forget the most important one.

Moving Beyond Traditional Conferencing
Video conferencing has evolved significantly in the past few years, from a technology that existed mainly in the board rooms, or to deliver a few-to-many broadcast message, to one where any computer with a webcam-and most current tablets and smartphones-can be an endpoint.

Conferencing Week in Review: Conference Call Anxiety, Securus Technologies, Gartner, More
Conferencing is all about collaboration. The same can be said for the communication technology space, as developers, industry analysts, hardware manufacturers and users continually work together to enhance the capabilities and performance of conferencing technology. This week was no exception. Let's take a closer look.

Gartner Places Mitel in UC Magic Quadrant for Second Year in a Row
Gartner has placed the company as a "Leader" in its Magic Quadrant for the second year in a row. It's also the second in four months where the research firm has designated Mitel as a leader. In May, Gartner proclaimed Mitel a leader in UC in North America. With the latest report, Mitel reaffirms its status as a worldwide leader.

Video Conferencing Supply's AVer VC520 is Ideal for SMBs
One of the system's differentiators is in the hardware; while most USB webcams are designed for offices or huddle rooms, the AVer VC520 is intended for use in meeting rooms that have a capacity of six-to-eight people. This is made possible via the camera's 12x optical zoom capabilities, as well as a 15-foot microphone radius. In other words, users get the plug-and-play ease of use they desire, without sacrificing the conferencing quality they need.

Securus Technologies Delivers Video Visitation Platform for Routt County Jail
The penal system in the United States regularly ranks as the most populous in the world. This has resulted in municipalities across the country contracting out prison services to private companies to more effectively manage the numbers. While this has created great controversy, the fact of the matter is, the problem of overpopulated prisons would be much worse if they didn't get involved. Private operators not only build and manage their own prisons, they also provide services for public run ins…

Six-Step Guide to Handling 'Conference Call Anxiety'
'Conference call anxiety' is the dread you might have before or during a conference call. It's like phone call anxiety mixed with the fear of public speaking, as you could be dealing with multiple recipients on the other end.

Conferencing Week in Review: Revolabs, Vidyo and More
Modern communication technology in chorus with globalization has made it so that the world truly is any given company's oyster, and at the center of all operations is conferencing technology. This week in The Conferencing Zone we kept an ear to the ground for all the news, features, and analysis that matter. Let's review.

Vidyo Nets One of Three Leader Slots in Gartner Magic Quadrant Report
Being declared a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant study represents quite an achievement. A combination of factors have to come together in just the right way to net such a title, and there are plenty of ways to end up elsewhere on the list. Vidyo, meanwhile, is cheering after its own admission to the Leader rankings, and even more so since it was just one of three to pull it off.

Back to School: Revolabs Offers Academic Discount
Recognizing that technology plays an important role in education today, Revolabs has just rolled out a new pricing program to help make conferencing technology more affordable in schools.

Survey: UK Users Believe Video Conferencing Strengthens Productivity
In another sign of the increasing use and acceptance of video conferencing in a business setting, a new poll out of the U.K. shows wide appreciation of the technology. The downside of this finding is that many aren't using it effectively.

Video Conferencing Can Match Face-to-face Interaction
A recent industry blog post makes the case that video conferencing can be just as effective, and indeed just as valuable, as face-to-face interaction.

Conferencing Week in Review: Telemedicine, InFocus, Intellinote and More
Once a nifty luxury, the ability to communicate remotely with co-workers, businesses, government organizations, family and friends and even doctors is becoming as commonplace as landlines. And with each passing day, users continue to implement conferencing technology in new and interesting ways as product vendors innovate the tools needed to enhance capabilities. This week was no exception, and as always The Conferencing Zone was hard at work to bring back the best in news, features and analysis…

Intellinote Bolsters its Mobile Platform with Several New Features
Intellinote is already well known in the field for its communication and collaboration platform, helping to bring remote workers and even customers together. There are over 20,000 organizations using Intellinote at last report, and it's good news ahead for those users as new features are coming to the Intellinote platform.

Etiquette Needed for Successful Video Conferencing Meetings
Video Conferencing is a mainstream business tool because it makes meetings so easy, but its informality can breed problems, according to Talk Business magazine.

InFocus Improves ConX Video Conferencing
Visual communication industry pioneer InFocus recently made some changes regarding its ConX video conferencing software. The latest improvements include the ability to connect up to 25 participants in an HD meeting room, new web browser plug-ins and the addition of mobile apps which will allow people to easily access the software through their personal devices.

New Oregon Law Extends the Availability of Telemedicine
Oregon has changed the law covering telemedicine in the state to make it available to Oregonians in urban as well as rural areas.

Video Conferencing Goes Mainstream with a Bevy of Benefits
Video conferencing has become fairly mainstream, as deployments have become more cost-effective and less complex-and as user interfaces become easier and intuitive to use. It's also gained popularity as a way to help a company support truly mobile work environments, while, conversely, eliminating costly and productivity-killing travel for meetings with clients and partners. But knowing best where it fits and how it can help will smooth the implementation process across the organization.

Conferencing Week in Review: TrueConf, Lifesize, Vidyo, Logitech
Like video on good bandwidth, news in the conferencing space has been streaming in this week. As always, our global online community went wading in the thick of it to bring back the news, features and analysis that matters. Let's review!

Logitech Looks to Simplify the Collaborative Process
At no other time in history has the collaborative process been more dynamic across a larger geographical region. The convergence of three key technologies: smart mobile devices, wireless broadband and cloud services is making it possible for two or more individuals to come together and achieve their objective. As more organization pull their resources together, they are looking for a platform that will connect everyone no matter where they are or what device they are using. The Logitech Collabor…

Gartner Magic Quadrant Ranks a New Leader in Vidyo
The Gartner Magic Quadrant rankings have long proven a great source of information about companies looking to make a variety of technologies better. Assigning companies different ranks based on a two-axis scale of completeness of vision and ability to achieve that vision, the Magic Quadrant study shows just where a firm is in the wider market. Gartner has recently announced a new Leader-ranked firm to its Magic Quadrant system: Vidyo.

Frost & Sullivan Gives Lifesize Product Leadership Award for VaaS Solution
Lifesize recently announced that it had received Frost & Sullivan's (F & S) 2015 Video-as-a-Service (VaaS) Product Leadership Award for 2015. The strength of the company's Lifesize Cloud videoconferencing service was the basis for earning the award.

TrueConf Unveils Version of Video Conferencing Solution for Mac and Linux
There is very little doubt that video conferencing applications are only getting more popular no matter where you are located in the world. What might surprise people is that it's been a long time since the technology was something only big time businesses use.

The Conferencing Zone Week in Review: Revolabs, VoIP Supply and More
To kick off our week-in-review coverage for the Conferencing Zone, we begin with the video conferencing phone and how far it has come in today's day and age. The use of video conferencing and the ability to make video calls on almost any smart phone has allowed us to talk to others face-to-face regardless of location. One field of professionals benefiting big time from the use of video calls is medical personnel. The emergence of video conferencing has made medical evaluation easier than ever an…

Decreased Revenue in the Video Conferencing Market is a Good Sign: Here's Why
For the most part, assessments of the video conferencing market have been overwhelmingly positive, with indicators of growth at nearly every source we turn to. This wasn't exactly the case, however, with a recent post from TrueConf, which made an interesting observation: the global video conferencing market has experienced a revenue decline by 6.8 percent between 2013 and 2014.

What's That Rash? Use Your Smartphone To Show Your MD
With the advancement in communication technology today and the rise in telemedicine, conferencing is playing a whole new role.

VoIP Supply, Revolabs Work in Concert for Conferencing Solutions
When two leaders in their respective fields decide to work together, the result can be expected to be an awesome product.


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