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Conferencing Week in Review: BCS Global Networks, LoopUp, Orange Business Services All Connect
It was an interesting week in the conferencing field, with companies making new announcements about joint efforts and new ways to make conferencing easier. Here are some highlights.

How Can Insurance Professionals Benefit from Video Conferencing?
It is no secret that video conferencing is becoming a vital part of the professional world. It has opened up a new window of communication within the office, and with clients. Video collaboration is becoming more mainstream, which means more businesses are looking to video solutions for their interoffice and customer relations. How can insurance professionals tailor the benefits of video conferencing to their world? Let me clue you in.

BCS Global and Video Guidance Merge to Increase Global Video Conferencing Presence
Improvements in mobile technology and wireless broadband now make it possible for individuals to hold video conferences on their smartphones, tablets and other computing devices from virtually anywhere. This has introduced new levels of efficiency and productivity that is giving organizations and employees more flexibility on where and when they can work. With so many opportunities in the marketplace, global service providers are merging to maximize their resources and improve the solutions they…

Conferencing Company Gets Kudos for Ease of Use
Even though video conferencing is being touted more and more as a cost-efficient, easy way to conduct business, not every company is jumping on board. One of the biggest hurdles seems to be the fear that doing so will be too complicated, and companies don't want to invest money in a technology its people might not use.

Orange Deploys Managed Video Conferencing with Lync Online for Hilti Group
In a new managed video conferencing service agreement, Orange Business Services is providing solutions for Hilti Group's globally distributed teams. The company, which specializes in fastening and demolition technologies for the construction industry, has around 22,000 employees in more than 120 countries.

Conferencing Week in Review: TrueConf, Ovum and inDemand
With everyone watching the bottom line as budget reviews for 2015 begin, Conferencing has taken center stage, and we've got all the week's highlights.

TrueConf Server Now Supports H.323 Video Protocol
TrueConf, a provider of enterprise video conferencing systems, recently announced its support for the H.323 video protocol, which will allow the company's conferencing software, TrueConf Server, to replace many legacy systems without forcing businesses to upgrade their network infrastructures.

Changes in Unified Communications in 2015
UC provides organizations with real-time communications across all multiple platforms, including instant messaging, data sharing and desktop sharing. It integrates the use of non real time communication services. As technology continues to advance, more UC options are becoming prevalent in organizations throughout the world.

Delivering Accessibility to Deaf and LEP Patients
According to Ethnologue, which has been cataloguing languages of the world since 1951, there are more than 6,000 languages being spoken by the human race. While some of them are used by hundreds of millions of people like Mandarin Chinese, Manx, in the Isle of Man, only has as few as 100 speakers, which is resulting in the loss of around 25 mother tongues annually. Even at this rate of extinction, the large number of spoken languages around the world makes it difficult to get your point across i…

Hotline to Santa Now Available as a Conference Call
The traditional days of writing Santa Claus letters addressed to the North Pole are nearing an end as young children are becoming more tech-savvy.

Conferencing Week in Review: Polycom, ClearOne and More
It was a somewhat quiet week for the Conferencing industry after the long Thanksgiving weekend, but there was some interesting news that crossed the wires, and we have the details.

Video Conferencing Delivers Long Distance Face-to-Face Communication
In this digital age, the importance of face-to-face communication is often forgotten. Emails, instant messaging and texting have slowly become the norms of communication within organizations.

Psychiatry: As Close as a Computer with Telepsychiatry
Telemedicine has been catching on for some time now, as the medical profession comes to realize the benefits inherent in having a means to offer specialist-grade medical services without having to locate in a place where such specialties would almost never be put to work. But other branches of medicine, as a recent report from Healthline detailed, are starting to get in on the act as well, bringing about one new branch being called "telepsychiatry."

Polycom Looks at '2015 in Video' at the Workplace
A new report takes a look at Polycom, and what it's seeing in the mists of the future as far as video and the workplace are concerned.

Telcom Company Rolls Out Complete Video Conferencing Solution
There is very little doubt that the further we go into the 21st century, the more popular technology like video conferencing is going to get.

TrueConf Launches a Free Enterprise Unified Communications System
Unified communications (UC) technology allows organizations to combine all of their communications solutions into a single platform, letting employees, customers, vendors and partners communicate effortlessly. This gives businesses the ability to develop a comprehensive and effective collaborative experience to create, innovate and respond faster to market changes as they take place. The technology makes it possible to bring together teams across different workgroups to facilitate interactions b…

How to Make Conferencing on a Mobile Device as Easy as Being There
The rise of the mobile workforce in recent years has given rise to not only a laundry list of new technologies, but it's also given rise to a plenty of new ways to do things. But not all new methodologies-not to mention all new technologies-are equally effective right out of the box. There are considerations which must be taken into account in order to make a successful experience, and recently, Android Headlines took a look at how to make conferencing from a mobile device that much more effecti…

Cisco Reaches Lower-Midsize Firms with BE6000S
The lower end of the midsize business market may be underserved. Regarding their ability to complete business-wide communications, firms with approximately 25 to 125 people fall into the crack of being a little too big for small business products to address but not yet large enough to merit the use of many of the smaller midsize business software and hardware packages.

Better Access to Washington's Capital Now Available with Video Conferencing
Involvement in the political process is one of the cornerstones of America, whether it be getting out and voting or engaging officials about the issues of the day. While sometimes it may not feel all that effective, and sometimes it may feel downright impossible to make the trips involved to be a part of the action, there's still a lot of reason to get involved. That's a process about to be made easier thanks to the use of a video conferencing system to be put in place in the Washington statehou…

Conferencing Week in Review: Forrester Research, Blackberry and More
There was a lot of movement throughout the conferencing industry this past week, and we have some of the highlights for you.

Ohio Veteran's Assistance Center Employs Video Conferencing Technology
The Wood County Veteran's Assistance Center in Bowling Green, Ohio has become the first of its kind to integrate video conferencing technology into its system. This location is known for its progressive nature, as demonstrated by when Executive Director Mary Hanna became the first woman to hold such a position in the state of Ohio in 1988, or when it became the first office in the state to issue a special veterans photo ID card in 2006.

VoIP is Foundation of UC
While more businesses, both large and small, or moving to Unified Communications (UC) technology, Paul Desmond, writing in PC World, argued that it's really the overall move to VoIP in general that's driving the growth of UC in small-and-medium-sized businesses.

Fort Worth Council Adopts Video Conferencing Tech
The use of video conferencing is often seen in the pages of TMC as an element specific to businesses with an eye for technological advancement. It is also, perhaps less so, the domain of consumers who wish to make group chats their medium of communication. Beyond those two arenas, though, there is local government, and a prominent city in Texas proving that local officials can make use of remote video as much as any other group.

Blackberry Launches BBM Meetings Voice and Video Conferencing Solution
While Blackberry had been talking about adding VoIP services to its BBM solution as early as last May, the company announced it was actually going to do one better late last week. The Canadian Smartphone maker announced BBM Meetings, an audio and video conferencing service. The service has already gone live for BBM users on Android and Blackberry 10 phones, as well as Windows PCs and Mac users on the desktop. The company said that the service will be available on iOS "soon."

UCaaS Market Set for Explosive Three-Year Growth
A new study just released on the worldwide Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) market shows that all signs are pointing to the UCaaS industry growing rapidly, as both telephony and non-telephony service providers compete for enterprise mindshare.

Conferencing Week in Review: Vidyoworks, Videxio, Davinci Virtual
As word of the ease of video conferencing continues to spread, the technology is gaining ground in new and different areas.

Video Conferencing Gains a Foothold in Legal Circles
As video conferencing continues to make gains in the business world as both a cost- and a time-saver, other industries are starting to take notice. One area that is keenly interested is the legal profession, where it's easier to have remote participants dial in for a fast, visual conference, so that they can get back quickly to the more profitable work that bills by the hour.

Are Your Videoconference Efforts Working? New Portal Will Tell You
Companies want to be able to determine easily how many video conferences were initiated, how long the conferences lasted and check these numbers against financial data to determine their ROI.

Vidyoworks Forges Ahead with WebRTC Support
Vidyo, Inc. recently announced that it has added long-awaited WebRTC support to both the VidyoWorks platform for video communication and collaboration as well as the VidyoConferencing product portfolio.

Conferencing Week in Review: TelyLabs, Fontel and More
Communication, collaboration and productivity are three integral pieces to a successful enterprise, which is why it comes as no surprise this week in the conferencing was a busy one. Yes, it is most certainly that time again: Time for the week in review!

Video Conferencing Coming into Sharper Focus as Budgets Shrink
One area of technology that has been enjoying an especially robust boom this year has been video conferencing. With companies watching the bottom line and trying to save wherever they can, many in the enterprise have begun to realize that it's easier and cheaper to send an employee down the hall to a conference room for a video chat, instead of to the airport and across the country for the same meeting.

Jackson County Jail Brings Family, Friends to Inmates with Video Conferencing
A jail sentence is tough enough on anyone-the loss of freedom, the graphic and sometimes dangerous changes in lifestyle-but it's perhaps even tougher on those the new prisoner left behind. While it's possible to stay in touch with visits, and sometimes with phone calls-though this practice has had its share of controversy due to the amount prisoners are billed for the contact-a new development has emerged in Jackson County, Wisconsin. A new report from WXOW in La Crosse spells out how a new vide…

Using Video Conferencing to Improve Operational Efficiencies
For a long time, businessmen had to travel near and far to make the necessary connections to increase market share. This was and still is a time-consuming and expensive proposition, and while modern transportation has improved the price point and the amount of time it takes to establish new opportunities in faraway places, the process still remains costly and time intensive.

A Check List for Your Next Video Conference
Today's workforce not only looks to being adequately compensated for the tasks they perform, but increasingly quality of life is becoming more important. Even though they work just as many hours as previous generations, they want the option of working from anywhere and anytime

Conferencing Week in Review: It's There, Use it!
As the leaves change color and the temperature cools, the conferencing space is steadily heating up with happenings. This was another week chock full in the Conferencing Zone, let's take a look at the week that was-it's time for the week in review!

Increased Smartphone Presence Opens Employer Opportunities for Real Time Video Conferencing
Smartphones are becoming more and more present all over the world, and though they are incredibly powerful, many users are not getting the most out of their devices. Specifically, smartphones are capable of accessing the Internet and other wireless data networks and are equipped with cameras, allowing them to partake in real time video conferencing.

Demand for Video Conferencing Getting Higher in Russia
Video conferencing technology not only acts as a great tool for business and commercial channels but also for families and friends, as it allows them to have effective communication at a reasonable cost. TrueConf, a Russian company and a vendor of enterprise and consumer products and equipment for video conferencing in Eastern Europe, clarified that video conferencing technology in Russia is gaining in popularity.

Prediabetes Patients Can Now Connect with Web-Based Video Conferencing Treatment Visits
Prediabetes is a multifaceted disease caused by many factors. When a person has prediabetes, there are negative processes happening in the body that require targeted action. To offer more convenience to prediabetes patients, PreDiabetes Centers has recently introduced a new program that enables users to get direct in-home access to the prediabetes physician and health coach using a Web-based video conferencing system.

Video+Conference Russia 2014 Boasts Record Number of Participants
The video conferencing market is showing no signs of slowing. Even more evidence that it is expanding originated from this year's Video+Conference Russia event. The 13th running of the conference was hosted in Moscow this year and expanded on its predecessors with its number of attendees, reports, and demonstrations.

Teachers Mutual Bank Shoots for the Honor Roll with Video Conferencing
Banking is a field that's seen a great many changes in the last few years. With changes from law and statute kicking in-the Patriot Act actually made quite a few changes in terms of how accounts are established-and changes from technology contributing to the field, banking has to make some modifications accordingly or face the possibility of losing ground in the market. This is a lesson not lost on Teachers Mutual Bank, and so it's offering up a new service to its better than 166,000 customer ba…

Video Conferencing Etiquette: Do's and Don'ts
The market for corporate video conferencing has exploded due to the increased adoption in the business world. Today, the technology is more reliable and many use it to communicate with colleagues, partners, and friends.

Virtual Meetings to Storm the Irrigation Department?
Most people do not look forward to meetings - they are exhausting, mind-numbing and de-energizing, but remember it needn't be that way; today there is a way out- video conferencing. According to the Pune Mirror, this is what the state irrigation department in Pune (Mumbai) has in mind and has mandated all its offices across the region to resort to the use of video conferencing on a priority basis.

Companies Adopting Conferencing Tools, but Few Employees Using Them
A new survey shows that while more businesses are implementing new communications technologies like videoconferencing at a rapid pace, few employees are really taking advantage of them.

European Conferencing Services Market to Reach $2.58 Billion in 2019
Market research company Frost & Sullivan's recent study on the European Conferencing Services Market revealed that it generated revenues of $1.78 billion in 2013, and estimates this to reach $2.58 billion in 2019.

Conferencing Week in Review: New Forecasts, Partners and Competition
Conferencing is quickly becoming a ubiquitous technology for a number of industries. This week in the Conferencing Zone the news covered new figures, new partnerships and new competition. Let's dig in to the week that was in conferencing news, it's time for the week in review.

Firefox's Free In-Browser Video Client Could Pose a Threat to Skype
The popular Internet browser Firefox is stepping up its game with a new browser-based video platform that could give services like Skype and Viber a run for their money.

Frost & Sullivan Forecasts EU Conferencing Market to Reach $2.58 Billion in 2019
The videoconferencing landscape is undergoing dramatic changes as organizations continue to opt for low-cost alternatives that are providing feature-rich solutions that can be accessed by companies of virtually any size.

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Improves Stroke Diagnosis with TeleNet:Stroke
The new TeleNet:Stroke service launched by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) looks to reduce the damage caused by strokes by providing treatment as soon as possible.

Radisys Corporation's MPX-12000 Selected by Zoom Video Communications
Radisys Corporation, a company that provides wireless infrastructure solutions, recently announced that Zoom Video Communications, a cloud meeting company, has selected its MPX-12000 Broadband Media Resource Function (MRF) for HD media processing.

Suitable Technologies Joins Hands with Orange
Suitable Technologies Inc. recently announced that the company, along with its French partner Awabot, has joined hands with Orange SA, a company that provides telecommunication solutions.

Conferencing Week in Review: Conference Room Makeover
Conferencing is not what it was ten or even five years ago. New technology is quickly reshaping the conferencing experience and in doing so, is making enterprise collaboration easier and far more effective. Let's see what was in the news this week, it's week in review time!

Highfive Debuts New Cloud-Based Video Conferencing System
Small to medium sized businesses looking for an affordable video conferencing solution with exceptional features now have an option. Highfive's cloud-based video conferencing suite makes video conferencing easier and more cost-effective.

Worldwide Market Forecasts for HD Voice Market to Hit $2.29 Billion by 2019
With so many organizations using conferencing technology to communicate with their employees as well as customers and partners using voice, the quality is becoming increasingly more important.

Fort Collins Detention Center Finalizing Cloud-based Video Visitation System
According to a report released by the Prison Policy Initiative (PPI), a criminal-justice research and advocacy group, in March of this year the United States had around 2.4 million people locked up, with 1.36 million in state prisons. As the prison population continues to increase, the system that is in place is integrating new technologies to manage resources more effectively while at the same time generating opportunities for revenue.

Highfive Introduces a Low-Cost Video Conferencing Solution
Video conferencing solutions was only used by large organizations who could afford the expensive hardware and maintenance associated with the technology. However, today affordable systems with an impressive list of features costing less than $1,000 are available in the market place. As the price point continues to decrease, more businesses are using video conferencing to save costs on travel, collaborate with partners and engage employees. Highfive has announced a new cloud video conferencing se…

Electronic Signatures Now Available with Adobe Connect Using EchoSign
Adobe has introduced new options that should go a long way in lowering the use of paper with the integration of EchoSign, the company's electronic signature solution, developed by eSync Training.

The Conferencing Zone Week in Review: Product Proving Ground
Conferencing, in voice and video alike, offers a terrific proposition to businesses as a means to both save money and bolster opportunity. But reducing business travel and opening up mobile workforce possibilities doesn't happen in isolation; it requires products to bring the power of conferencing into our very hands. This week proved no slouch in new products, and with a weekend at hand, we've got a great time afoot to take a look at the biggest developments in conferencing products with our We…

Secure On-Premise Web Conferencing now Possible with OmniJoin Private Cloud
With Web and video conferencing solutions making it to the center page, there is a tussle as companies compete with each other to sell their wares. Brother International Corporation joins the bustle with its OmniJoin Private Cloud, a secure, on-premise conferencing solution that can be implemented without making a large upfront investment in expensive new hardware.

Centerprise Introduces Mix Connect to Improve Lack of Video Conferencing in the UK
Almost half of business leaders in the U.K. do not use video conferencing, according to tech supplier Centerprise International. The IT service provider and distributor conducted a survey of business leaders and found that half of all respondents do not current use the technology. Twenty-nine percent have tried video conferencing before, yet don't currently use it, while 21 percent of haven't attempted it at all. Centerprise believes this is due to a negative experience with previous versions. O…

TrueConf makes Video Conferencing Easier for Android Users
Mobility has altered the notion of fixed videoconference and telepresence rooms. This, coupled with the current ability to have content on any device, anywhere - has allowed mobile video conferencing to come of age.

Blue Jeans is Making Videoconferencing More Accessible to All
The number of employees working remotely is on the rise, mobile devices are increasing, and BYOD is becoming more and more widespread in the workplace; hence the expectation for companies to participate in video conferences anywhere, anytime and on any device is slowly becoming the norm. In an effort to level the playing field for people with a range of disabilities, Blue Jeans has added new features to its video conferencing services.

Conferencing Week in Review: Uses Across the Spectrum
The uses of conferencing technology are ever-expanding as its benefits are many-and industries across the spectrum are realizing just how valuable this burgeoning technology is. Let's take a look at the week that was in conferencing, it's time for the week in review!

Blue Jeans Network Makes Video Conferencing Accessible to Customers with Disabilities
People with disabilities often have problems using the latest gadgets and technologies. There are very few technologies that have been designed keeping them in mind and hence, they are often at a disadvantage when exploiting modern technology.

Telecommuting Gives Video Conferencing Wings
Telecommuting and virtual workforces are becoming hallmarks of the modern workplace. And no wonder: it's a movement that allows companies to recruit talent from outside their geographic footprint, reduce office and physical overhead costs, and improve employee satisfaction by offering more flexibility. But all too often telecommuters feel cut off or isolated from the company community, or have trouble implementing true collaboration. Video conferencing is increasingly emerging as a solution to t…

Telcom & Data Unveils the Revolabs FLX Conference Phone
Telcom & Data is a company that has been providing thousands of telecommunication solutions to organizations around the world. Recently, the firm launched the new Revolabs FLX conference phone.

Using Video Conferencing for Patient Consultation
The healthcare industry is going through a period of transition as it adopts many of the mandates the Affordable Care Act requires of healthcare providers. Besides introducing millions of new patients into the healthcare system, the Act also demands the industry to start implementing different technologies in order to introduce more efficiency and cost cutting measures. Telemedicine is seen as one of the technologies that can easily be integrated with existing technology already being used by co…

Conferencing Week in Review: Latin America Bound
With the dispersion of employees, clients and prospective clients around the globe the use of conferencing technology is more important than ever-and the news this week certainly reflects its expanded use. Yes, it's that time again; it's the week in review!

Latin American Video Conferencing Poised to Grow 21.9% by 2020
New research has revealed the video conferencing market in Latin America is set to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.9 percent for the next seven years.

Command Center from Blue Jeans Network to Offer More Visibility for Video Conferencing
Video conferencing technology is being used by more organizations as the platform becomes readily available with price points virtually all businesses can afford.

Latin America: The Next Big Market for Hosted Conferencing Services?
It appears that Latin America may become the next hot market for hosted conferencing services, despite the fact that the region has traditionally been dominated by on-premises solutions. Better and faster Internet services in the region alongside an increased general knowledge of how advanced collaboration tools assist business practices has led to an increased demand for hosted conferencing services, which have been proven to reduce costs and increase productivity.

TrueConf Becomes RUSSOFT Member, Set to Advocate for Domestic IT Developers
Government patronization can go a long way to improve the health of any domestic industry. RUSSOFT was born with the goal of tapping government support for Russia's IT industry. An active lobbyist in the Russian government, RUSSOFT demands for better taxation and educational reforms in science and technologies. It also works toward garnering government support for international marketing of indigenous IT products and services.

Conferencing Week in Review: From Boardrooms to Extreme Team-Building
Blue Jeans and Tely Labs are working together on new video conferencing solutions that will include both cloud-based as well as on premises offerings. "With Blue Jeans for Tely, you can connect your conference rooms with the people who can't be in them, making it possible to collaborate face-to-face with many more colleagues, customers, and partners. Thanks to Blue Jeans and Tely Labs, businesses don't have to be big or spend big to experience the big value of face-to-face collaboration" proclai…

Blue Jeans Collaborates with Tely Labs for Building Affordable Video Cloud Conferencing Systems
Blue Jeans Network, a provider of interoperable cloud-based video collaboration services, is working with Tely Labs, a provider of affordable of video conferencing systems, in order to design and develop a new video collaboration tool that caters to the requirement of small and medium businesses.

Remote Job Interviews Driving Videoconferencing Boom in HR
A new report from has uncovered that it's now common practice for human resources officials to look to videoconferencing tools to conduct interviews.

UberConference Eliminates Annoying Experiences from Conferencing
Craig Walker, founder and CEO of UberConference, can off the top of his head name several annoying things found in conference calling.

Pakistan's Influential Trade and Commerce Body Adopts Video Conferencing to Boost Overseas Business
From healthcare to entertainment and from parenting to commerce, video conferencing is being used as a useful tool to keep people connected to one another. In an effort to take the advantage of this technology, Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI), has recently launched the video conferencing facility at its premises. According to a recent article, LCCI is Pakistan's first chamber of commerce to implement video conferencing solution.

Award Winning UK Hotel's Conferencing Package Loaded with Extreme Team Building Activities
Conferences need not necessarily be white collar, boring events. With little imagination, event organizers can turn corporate conferences into fun, enjoyable events. With the attendees taking part in and enjoying together an array of fun activities, the conferences truly become the platform for mingling and bonding with the fellow team members. Nobody knows this better than U.K.-based QHotels chain, which has years of experiences in the conference sector.

Video Conferencing Service Adds Whole-room Support
A provider of video communications services announced this past week that it has extended its service beyond smartphones and desktops to include huddle spaces and conference rooms.

Conferencing Week in Review: Making the World a Smaller Place
The Conferencing Zone, like every week, had no shortage of news this week. Time to take a look, and see what happened during the week that was: It's time for the week in review!

Baby Boomers More Interested in Managing Health using Mobile Technology
According to the AARP, in 2011 the first of the baby boom generation (born 1946-1964) reached the retirement age, and for the next 15 years 8,000 of them will be turning 65 every single day. This will dramatically impact the economic situation in the United States because there will be less people working as the numbers continue to increase. For the boomers, it means having to navigate an increasingly ambiguous future as the fate of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid as well as other social …

Blue Jeans Web Conferencing Service Brings Educational Opportunities to the Classroom
Video conferencing in the classroom is showing, in many ways, how it can benefit children's learning. For teachers, it is a means for providing distance learning and economical ways to expand existing programs, offer new courses, and make learning more interactive and fun for students. In essence, video conferencing in the classroom benefits everyone.

Hospital Opens Medical Education Video Conference Room
Dalhousie University is one of Canada's oldest public research institutions established as a nonsectarian college in 1818. The university offers 180 degree programs in twelve undergraduate, graduate, and professional faculties across many different disciplines. As the institution continues to educate students in Canada, it is deploying new technologies to reach as many people as possible. A new collaboration between Dalhousie and the Colchester East Hants Health Authority (CEHHA) is going to be …

VA Set to Use Video Conferencing
Today, the Department of Veterans Affairs is optimistic that recent efforts in reducing the size of the disability claims backlog will successfully reduce wait time for claimants. A new initiative also promises to help veterans with their appeals: the implementation of video conferencing and telepresence. Veterans can now attend appeal hearings via video conferencing sessions; this is great for those being treated at a VA hospital or for financially strapped veterans who cannot afford to travel,…

What Companies Can Learn From Metropolitan Bank's Use of Video Conferencing
Most importantly, if your company is going to go through the process of installing video conferencing software and setting up the infrastructure for it, you need to actually utilize the software.

Conferencing Week in Review: Choose Your Solution Wisely
Conferencing tools are widely used for business collaboration; as such the space is constantly growing and evolving - making conferencing solutions necessary for a successful business. This week in conferencing there was no shortage of news, so get comfortable, it's Week in Review time!

Videoconferencing Hardware Vendors Shifting Gears, Embracing Software
Recent news suggests that the videoconferencing market is seeing both increased interest in software and video management technologies alongside a multi-year slide in revenue. This mix of fortunes is causing some veteran vendors to reconsider their positions in the market to try to keep pace with startups that are making headway with software-based approaches.

Finding the Right Video Conferencing Solution for Your Organization
In the past, the implementation of video conferencing technology was primarily put in place in order to cut costs as organizations continued to expand operations. With the development of the Internet, mobile and cloud services, the right video conferencing strategy has to include not only cost-cutting measures, but also strategies to grow the business using this platform and the new available technologies. So finding the right video conferencing system requires companies to consider many differe…

Start with the Most in Video Conferencing
There's little doubt that video conferencing offers some impressive value for a business. From keeping its employees more connected to allowing said employees to connect to offsite colleagues and beyond-not to mention the sheer potential savings posed by a replacement for at least some business travel-there are plenty of reasons to consider bringing this tool into normal operations.

Survey: Global Videoconferencing Revenue Fell by Nine Percent in Q2
The videoconferencing market is undergoing a revolution of sorts as new technology now makes it possible for businesses and individuals to communicate using video without expensive equipment.

Conferencing Week in Review
Check back during the week to keep up with all the comings and goings in this always fluid, and never dull space. See you next week!

Upgrade Announced to Videophone for the Hearing Impaired
The hearing-impaired community will now have access to a more improved communication experience with Purple Communication's newest version of its SmartVP videophone.

Verizon's Advanced Calling 1.0 to Bring HD Voice, Video Calling
It was only a couple of years ago when AT&T's Randall Stephenson advanced the idea that, one day, mobile providers would no long offer voice service, but only offer data plans. The idea had some merit, allowing network providers to consolidate systems and only offer one kind of traffic, but there were some issues involved in getting such a program out, like the fact that people did occasionally want to make voice calls. But we may be closer to such a development, thanks to Verizon, who will be b…

ZTE Inks New Partnership Agreement with Blue Jeans Network
Blue Jeans Network has made it possible for people to connect with video conferencing across variety of programs and tools, including Skype and Lync. The company's real time video sharing allows meeting participants to easily play stored video files such as movies, trailers, commercials, product vignettes, or training videos, in real-time, across all desktop, mobile, and conference room platforms in a meeting.

60 Percent of Companies Prefer Videoconferencing to Face-to-Face Meetings
Globalization has dispersed the workforces of many organizations to countries around the world. With companies establishing branches throughout developed and developing countries, traditional face-to-face meetings are no longer feasible for the vast majority of businesses. A YouGov survey carried out on behalf of RingCentral UK has revealed just as much, with 60 percent of companies surveyed stating that they preferred videoconferencing over face-to-face meetings.

Why Telecommuting Benefits the Employer and the Employee
Telecommuting has its supporters and detractors, with each strongly arguing the advantages and disadvantages of having flexible work location initiatives. As with every decision a business makes, it is based on how it can benefit the company in order to improve the overall operations of the organization, and a policy that is fantastic for one could be disastrous for another.

Conferencing Week in Review
Conferencing brings business together by offering collaboration and open communication regardless of geography. There is never a shortage of news in the Conferencing Zone, so let's get to it!

Web-based Video Archiving Solution Lowers Costs
An archiving workflow solutions company has announced that its newest client, a post-production video services company, will be able to benefit from its Web-based interface, archiving, and data search capabilities.

Research Company Makes New Analysis of Enterprise Video Market
With the abundance of bandwidth that many countries around the world have, we're all looking for better ways to communicate that we may have not have been able to afford in the past.

RingCentral Meetings Scores INTERNET TELEPHONY TMC Labs Innovation Award
Honored for exceptional innovation, RingCentral has been awarded a 2014 INTERNET TELEPHONY TMC Labs Innovation Award for its RingCentral Meetings product.

Surge in Mobile Workforce and Proliferation of Smartphones Fueling Growth in Global UC Market
Interestingly, hosted unified communications solutions are likely to overtake their on premise siblings in popularity. The reasons are obvious: the installation and maintenance costs associated with hosted solutions are lot cheaper than the premise-based UC solutions.

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