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Oliver has been writing for over four years and in that time has written for two major technological blogs. Oliver has covered everything from politics to entertainment to technology but continues to come back to gadgetry and the all things technical.

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04/10/2014 ASUS ZenFones Begin Shipping With Omlet Pre-Installed
09/02/2013 Skype Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary of First Release
08/28/2013 New Docs Show NSA Spied On UN Using Videoconferencing Hack
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07/15/2013 PCCW Rolls Out HD Video Conferencing Solution
04/02/2013 Video Conferencing Continues to Be a Big Part of Health Care in the 21st Century
02/12/2013 Aylus Networks Partners with Huawei on Video Services
02/06/2013 Tata Enhances Partnership with AT&T
10/15/2012 ON24 Announces New Presentation Manager XD Suite
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03/14/2012 Access Business Centers Expand to Dallas, Texas